Thank you for committing yourself to your conscious journey


Click on the cover image above to open up your beautiful copy of 12 STEPS TO CONSCIOUS LIVING!

All I ask you to do next is open up your diary and SCHEDULE in little blocks of time over the next 30 days to commit to putting this journey into action and creating this new way for you, and your family.  

Remember, I want to see what you're doing and how you're practicing divine consciousness in your own way. 

Hashtag any images on Instagram with #theconsciousliving so I can see your journey.

I'm proud of you, beautiful.

Let's rise to Consciousness together x

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To keep you inspired and to inspire those coming on board after us, I have set up our very own private community to share our journeys and continue leading by example forever more.

Jump in here - I can't wait to see you there x