It's hot on my heart and it needs to be birthed.

Have you ever been left wondering.. Why do I need to do this?

We're all here for the same reason, I get that. To live.
But is simply living the only way?

I'm not ever taken back by these questions.
In fact, right now, for me.. I am consciously clear about why I'm doing this, what it is that I'm here to do and I know why I'm constantly striving for that more.

The only difference is...
that very reason is now growing inside me and my why is only growing stronger with it.

▽ ▽ ▽

How can we change the world for the better for our future generation(s)?
Because, we are leading THEIR way.

*4 weeks*

Although this is THE most exciting time of our lives, I'm not going to lie and say it's not a frightening time also.
Thinking "Can we actually DO this?" to "Is this world safe for them?"

But one of the main things coming up for me is... Guilt.
I can't count the times I've felt guilt on how "easy" people THINK this was for us.

But one night, a light bulb went off...
Husband & I clicked - It wasn't easy - We were prepared and deserve this in every way.
The effort has gone above and beyond and we have been working on this for YEARS behind the scenes - both consciously and subconsciously.

As you may know, we have transformed our lives dramatically and have worked extremely hard on creating a conscious lifestyle which includes a zero chemical home, a complete plant based diet for myself (about 80% plant based for husband) and for me, working on self-development and my spiritual journey the past couple of years.

So, I'm going to stop saying this was "easy" for us.
Instead I'm telling you that we made sure we were ready, when we were READY.

For some it takes years to actively try - for some it takes years to consciously try.
There really is one big difference between the two, though.

The one thing I actively pursued in our quest in "trying" was bettering myself, before bringing another soul into the world. Because the world needs more change makers to thrive!

I know for sure.. if I'd stayed the way I was - I'd be right where some are now.
But instead - every single (huge!) effort I've put in behind the scenes over the past six years haven't only been for me!
I have ALWAYS had my mind on the bigger reasoning and that is...

So here is a little insite into my journey - from hangovers to morning sickness, I can tell you one is definitely a trillion times more worth it then the other (although they feel quite the same haha!)

▽ ▽ ▽

It all began in 2012, when we were tired of doing the normal early 20's thang of going to clubs and getting wasted weekend after weekend.
I think we got the wake up call when we had an old friend living with us that was couldn't even make it down the driveway one Saturday morning without chucking in the garden bed on her way down (it actually still makes my stomach turn!!).
That was when we said enough was enough.
We made the conscious decision to say no to that.
To clean up our diets, improve our fitness regime and say no to alcohol for going on 6 months and I can tell you this moment was one of the most rewarding decisions of our life.
This was the beginning of the transformation that was (and is) and one that is never too late to be yours, too.

Though, it was in 2013 when we were heading down south and an article on birth control came across my screen that made me say an immediate HELL NO! to taking my pill any longer.
I was quite surprised to how "under a rock" I was about pharmaceuticals and in particular what it was that birth control was doing to women all over the world.
I guess it's because we're just told its normal. Dr's know right, right?!
Its sickening to think of how conditioned we are to think this is "normal"
We're put on it at the age of 14 (some earlier) by doctors, simply just to mask skin problems!
Excuse me, but... WHAT!!!
These people do years of schooling just to serve a drug to minors for something that is actually totally natural to be occurring in their bodies.
I just don't get it and it makes me so mad to know its still happening to so many young women today.
So, yes - that day was the last day I took that dreaded pill and will never ever look back.
Again, this was one life changing conscious decision I didn't only do for myself, but for my future children.

Yes, coming off birth control wasn't easy - my body had been so used to this bandaid for going on 8 years, so of coarse it was going to be asking "what the F are you doing to me, women!"
Yep, my skin broke out again. My mood swings were, well, manageable...... just. ha! (My then boyfriend went on to marry me, so it couldn't have been too bad.)
And my cycle took its time to resettle into a natural routine. But it did.
All of that I was so open and so prepared to cope with, as I was not putting drugs into my body any longer, and again... I've never looked back!!!

2014, we were well settled into our first home and by that stage I had read copious more articles about pharmaceuticals, as well as the chemicals drowning our homes and bodies in the form of cleaning, first aid and beauty products.
Again, I feel sick knowing I could have woken up to this earlier. But, I'll never change not knowing it earlier, as I am so proud of myself for delving into research and educating myself on this topic that I now happily empower the world around me to open up to and get to bring my babies up being aware of.

It was a steady process.
I didn't go "cold turkey", though I knew some things were more important than others to chuck and that I did. I made a trip to the health food store, stocked up firstly on essential oils, vinegar and bi-carb so I could atleast get to cleaning the home with zero nasties.
I immediately noticed the difference.
In my breathing, in the quality of the air, how fresh the house actually felt.
I didn't have to have a zillion candles going to make it better.
And from then on, as we ran out of products; we replaced them with mother earth's magic.
*Think dish-washing liquid, laundry soap, shampoo & conditioner, makeup, toothpaste etc etc*
What goes ONTO our bodies, goes INTO our bodies!

But, were the chemicals I was cleaning the house and lathering my skin with the only thing that could be changed? Certainly not!
Not long after I transitioned my then vegetarian lifestyle to a complete plant based.
I was sick of living the stomach issues I was having and thinking this was normal.. think constant digestive disaster (eugh) and so I delved more and more into all of the research I could to educate myself on how our bodies functioning works and how much of an impact the food that is going into our bodies has on our overall health. It was from this moment on that I have lived a complete plant based, sugar free and wholefoods lifestyle and yep, you guessed it, one conscious decision I made not only for myself.. but for my future children.

Why, You're probably asking?

Because I not only wanted my body to be clean, fit and healthy for me, but for when I was ready to bring those little lives into the world - I want to be the light for them.
I want my children to thrive off of asking for fruit & vegetables over lollies.
I want my children to come to me and ask me for an essential oil to help their pain.
I want my children to come to me and ask me for what it is their body is asking for.
I want them to be in tune with their bodies, just like I am mine.
I want them to grow and learn and live as clearly as humanly possible.

And I have 100% satisfaction in knowing this is what they will do.
They will thrive off of mother nature, because that will be their 'normal'.
They will live their lives the best way from the day they enter this earth and I will be proud to watch and empower this forever and have faith that they carry this on to their babies.

Essential oils have been one of the biggest impacts to my journey so far.
I too once thought they were just some "nice smelling things for the oil burner" but once my world was cracked open to them and I truly allowed them to impact our lives in SO many ways, our lives really have only amplified since.
I am so excited to have these gifts of the earth to support my pregnancy and bring into my babies life while being the first thing I turn too for the array of healing, calming and transforming times that lay ahead.

▽ ▽ ▽

For those of you who are still to begin this transformation,  here are a few reasoning's to factor;

  • The quality of air you breathe is the quality of not only your lifestyle; but your emotions, your immune system, digestive system and most importantly.. your hormones!
  • Every single thing we spray, wash, wipe, smell and touch in our environments is going directly into our respiratory system and straight into our blood stream within 30 seconds.
  • Our skin being our largest organ, not only absorbs what we are putting directly onto it (think moisturizers, foundation, perfume etc etc) - it is absorbing every single thing it comes into contact with, including the sprays you're using on that shower recess.
  • It is our digestive health, immune system and skin that determines how healthy our hormones are functioning. But it's up to us as to the quality that will be in. These chemically ridden products are not only harming the bodies we live in, but are having the first say on what our hormones are going to be dishing out to us - for some, cancers, dis-ease and even infertility.
  • A tip on sugar - Research has proven that sugar is one of our highest causes of hormone imbalance & particularly that of the Thyroid - Thyroid disease affects over 50 million people in America alone!!! One factor to take in when choosing that soft drink over water next time.

▽ ▽ ▽

So, please hear me out when I put my importance out there as to the quality of your products being the quality of your life and the results in which you may or may not experience.

I will continue to share this journey of mine and thrive off of empowering souls just like you in living your most natural and best life possible. For it isn't only our quality of life that our actions have implications on.. it is the quality of everyone around us.

I am in no way an "expert" on these topics and do not have a university degree to advise you on what you should/should not be doing and using - but I will be a voice for all holistic advocates forever more and am so excited that this journey has not only allowed me to become the natural mama I have been thriving to be, but now also has me studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to better my own knowledge, as well as bring this message in deeper knowledge to you all.

And remember,  all of the decisions and actions you take in this direction and transformation to a holistic lifestyle for your family should ALWAYS have our future generation in the back of our minds and only help empower us all that much more.

Please, if this has helped you in any way or may help someone you know in their journey, please comment below or share this with the world.

All my love, Jen xx

All path's don't lean the same way


It's not often that we stop and take a look back on the journey we have made to get to the point in the path we are on right now, in this very moment.

Instead we get so caught up in what we ‘should’ be doing and forget what it is that we actually want or long to be doing. We have others left, right and center throwing their opinions or judging what we may not be doing - or in truth, what they think we should be doing.

Most recently I’ve been allowing myself to get super clear on this and I can honestly say how comfortable and clear I am with the path I’m on right now and the steps I am/will be taking to aligning closer with that.

But I too would like to point out that I haven't always been this clear.. in fact I think this may be the clearest I have been in a very long time. There are times where I thought I knew; but actually, I was just a little lost or confused in the process of the outside world. So after coming out of an extremely dark and uncomfortable time recently; I have allowed myself to sit with this.
I've spent hours outside answering questions asked to myself in my journal,
Meditating on my mat in the early hours,
Connecting with scents that raise my intuition and
Welcoming clarity + vision in.

It was during the uncomfortable that made me see more light - darkness is a blessing like that!

Our paths are never completely straight or easy, or even make sense most of the time. Though when we allow ourselves to come back inside, ask and wait for the answer.. it becomes so clear and easier to put the dots into place. Those dark times are truly blessings that bring us closer to the path we need to veer off too, in order to get back onto the straight.. until it again comes to a wave in the path once more and again and again.

So, whether you’re going through a super uncomfortable time ~ or a somewhat easy time; know that it’s all happening to align you more with the path right for you.

My biggest advice is to forget what the others are doing and saying and put all of your complete focus on what it is that is here and meant for you. For what is right for them and their path; will never ever be right for yours and that is totally okay!!!

And always remember;; paths always bend in order to go straight again + it’s always, always okay to take a few steps back, detour and then continue straighter then before.

So, stop and be still. Go inside and listen. Trust and take action. Enjoy the journey!

Much love,
Jen xx

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Three simple tools to a healthier you...

Please tell me I'm not the only one wondering where March actually went!?
In fact, when I opened my emails to an amazing list of surprises on the weekend, I almost thought it was just one of those April fools jokes... ha ha. But luckily to my surprise after i'd hoped onto Instagram and Facebook and found out it was real, I almost jumped out of my seat with excitement.

Before going into the said surprises though, I want to do a little check in.

Yes, this year seems to be getting lost amongst all of the energy upgrades, mercury and action/non action taking.. but I want to ask, are WE getting lost there too?

How are you feeling within?

How has this year been for you, so far?

I know that I for one get swept up on what's happening for everyone else and what those I look up to, down to and beside to are doing; or not doing and I sometimes forget to come and check in with what I'M doing/thinking/feeling.

After a rough couple of weeks.. you know those ones where you feel like all of the up-leveling, achieving, actions have come crashing down and you're at square one with not knowing which way to go next..? Yep, I've had one of those times recently and the reason I am admitting that is because.. that's right.. I'm human too!

So, I have taken some time to come back in. To check in with how I'm really feeling inside and, my body returned with a HALLELUJAH!!! Its been uncomfortable.... fark, BLOOODY uncomfortable... but I know it is SO necessary for my next chapter.

Now although I seem to be amongst this still, I want to share some of the tools I have been using to get me through this and what will be helping me come out the other side. Because when we know the simple things that bring us back into our physical bodies; it changes our being completely.

2016-11-25 16.58.41.jpg

  n a t u r e  t i m e ;
Shoes off, airplane mode set, airways o p e n.
Spending quality time in nature is always a vital part of my well-being and is something I will never, ever take for granted. In the moments I feel unsettled, scattered and a little (or a lot) emotional.. I know to turn to our mother, nature.

• g r o u n d i n g •

Grounding [or earthing] refers to connecting your body electrically with the Earth.
This energy infusion is powerful.

Walking barefoot on the earth is known to restore and stabilize the bio-electrical circuitry that governs your physiology and organs, harmonize your basic biological rhythms, boost self-healing mechanisms, reduce inflammation and pain, improve your sleep and nervous system; returning a feeling of calmness. When these things happen, your state of being is on a whole new level of alive.

+ Essential Oils I use to support me during my nature immersions;

1. Balance Grounding Blend: Onto the soles of my feet & inhaled to connect deeper with the earth.
2. Easy Air Respiratory Blend: Inhaled from hands and rubbed over chest to open airways.

Bath Time Serenity-5.jpg

  b a t h  t i m e ;

ohhh sweet sweet bath time, how I love you so!
One of the things I will never be able to live without is a bath for me to fill with my favourite essential oils, salts, petals and most of the time a can of coconut milk... because skin nourishment is LOVE.

Being surrounded by all of the things that make my femininity daze off into dreamland, the miracle sounds of yoga nidra and the aroma's of oils filling my being.. is there anything more divine? I think not.

+ Essential Oils I use to support me during my bath time immersions;
1. Into the bath: Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium & Patchouli
2. Into the diffuser: Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Digestzen

Smashed Avo-5.jpg

  n o u r i s h m e n t  t i m e ;

Although I've always found cooking a form of therapy, it truly gets me into my own little world when I'm in the kitchen creating a nourishing dish for not only myself, but my love (or loved ones). I love using cooking as a way of creating and do just that.. I never ever follow a recipe. Yes, I get the idea here and there, but then I let my own mind and taste buds lead the way into plant heaven.

Sometimes its as simple as sitting down with a coffee, a mag and my own smashed avo on sourdough... but mostly its biting into a feast for dinner that makes my tummy say THANK YOU! Because we can't look//feel good on the outside if we're not nourishing what's in the inside.. and yes, that doesn't only mean what we're putting into our mouths; but that mindful mag makes all the difference to setting the tone for the day ahead.

+ My favourite Essential Oils to use in cooking;
1. Lemon: Perfect in smashed avo, guac, salad dressings and raw deserts
2. Lime: An addition to the perfect guac and in raw deserts
3. Oregano: An immune booster to add to any dish.
4. Cumin: Added into curries, potato bake and the likes yuuummo.
5. Dill: Do you like a deeelicious "creamy" pasta? Add dill to take it to the next level!

Now on to the secrets?

At the beginning of each month we start fresh in doTERRA land and are surprised with incredible new deals and promotions that just seem to be getting better and better.

Now, as you would know.. it is my mission to get these oils into as many homes as I possibly can and transform the lives of families all over the world. I do so by sharing, empowering and living the oily lifestyle and educating people on them in many different forms.

Whether you are currently using doTERRA essential oils, or are yet to explore them; jump in and join my tribe mail below to receive the latest promotions and freebies available to us all.
They are absolutely amazing and I have declared April as "Amazing April".

Here you will be inspired in many forms to living your most conscious life yet. Xo.

Entering a new year without the overwhelm.

So here we are, in 2018.

A year that feels magical and free already.

The past two days have been spent how I intend the rest of the year to be spent...


The beginning of a new year is a time to begin again.
A time to start fresh and release all that didn't serve you in the year past.
This is a time to reflect and realign with your true beliefs and allow them to come again, free-er and fresher then they did in the past.

This time can be one of the most soothing times of the year.

Though, it too can be one of the most overwhelming.

We are seeing all of these "new year, new goals" "new year, new me" goal settings going on. People are sharing more than they usually do. They are thanking every soul they have surrounding them and they are allowing us to hear what they too would like to achieve in the year ahead.


I, myself have found this quite overwhelming.

Although I love the idea about setting new goals, resolutions, new beginnings..
I find that sometimes its times like this that the minds voice takes over and tells me things alike 'if you don't do it straight away, you can't do it at all' or 'you're doing it wrong'
So I'm left with feeling like I'm beginning the year wrong and I'm failing, before I've even started again.

So, instead of setting my 'goals' this year. I've spent the days in pure presence of what I was doing and I ended the past year and began the new year how I INTEND on feeling and being this year. This included times of being slow, by the ocean, full of joy, laughing, clearing, reading, in a pure state of happiness for what life currently IS.





noun: intention; plural noun: intentions

1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.


When setting my intentions I asked myself
"how does 2018 FEEL to you" - "how would you like to FEEL this year"
and the three words that come to me are

F R E E  -  J O Y  -  A D V E N T U R O U S


A passage from my journal;

"Thank you 2018 for the opportunity to live a life of freedom, of joy and of wild adventure. The travel that is upon me, the spontaneous roadtrips, the nights of laughter and the outrageous ways I am able to give to those I love and adore, I am forever grateful."

2nd Dec 2018.jpeg

So today as we woke, post ocean cleanse and home clean. I took myself to my emotions + essential oils book to read on my oil of choice for the day; basil - what I received was "The oil of Renewal" and I thought, oh how perfect is this. I intuitively paired him with two other oils; Citrus Bliss blend "The oil of creativity" and Spearmint "The oil of Confident Speech" and I thought, wow I never need to doubt the power of these divine mother nature healing tools. Because that is exactly how I'd like to start off 2018.

I then took the time to sage the home, setting new intentions to bring abundance through the home; I even started a new 'tradition' of throwing coins through the front door and placing selenite in the passage; which together amplify the receiving tools, along side our intentions of being worthy of receiving.

Followed by writing the way I will FEEL and AM this year, again. Allowing me to free write - being worthy, creative and spontaneous. Surrounded by crystals, oils, palo santo, sea shells + incense, I wrote my future self a letter. A letter of pride and gratitude for how 2018 achieved. Which the new me, on the 2nd Dec 2019 will open and read, filled with love and joy once again.

All together this was not 'goal setting', but instead this was my part of intention setting.
Being FREE (emotionally, physically + financially). Feeling JOY (emotionally, physically + mentally) and living a life of ADVENTURE (the spontaneous nights at home or on the road where we are free of worry + traveling to the beautiful places we have only ever dreamt of).

2017 intention.jpeg

I am here now, and I am grateful for where I stand.
I honour my journey so far and give myself permission to take the next step forwards.
— Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Happy Days Ahead.jpeg

Reflecting on the year that was;

The last weeks of 2017 were spent reflecting, enjoying and nourishing my soul.
Although amongst this, it too saw the feelings of overwhelm come in, anxiety flood back through and my root chakra in all sorts of unease.

It's that time of the year where we can get caught up in the crazy, stretching ourselves that little bit too far because we don't want to 'miss out' or we want to keep everyone happy so we say yes to everything we are asked to do!
But why? Why do we feel we NEED to do it all?

In these times, we too have to say NO as much as we say yes.
We too have to stay grounded, content, nourished inside as well as outside.
We too need to fill up our own cups, whilst trying to fill that of others.
So, that's exactly what I did.
I said no to plans that felt uneasy.

I focused on ME and nourished that part of me that I was craving.


While I spent 2 hours by the ocean one morning filling up my own cup.
Walking, breathing, stopping and loving.

I spent it slow to reflect and appreciate all that life has and is gifting me and was reminded to appreciate all of the gratitude and lessons that 2017 gifted me..
so here is what I reflected on that day;

• 2017 was the year I grew into ME.
Unapologetically sharing, connecting, and spending time just as I wish to, without the fear of judgement coming in from others and hiding this women I AM.

• I allowed myself to let go of my biggest 'baggage' and move forward without looking back.
It was one of the hardest things I have done, leaving security, financial security mainly. But the moment I handed in my resignation letter, I felt myself FREE.

• I allowed myself to open up more, to be vulnerable and unapologetically me.
Vulnerability is one thing I have always struggled with, letting people in or more importantly, letting myself OUT. Speaking my truth, allowing my throat chakra to OPEN, wow what an experience it has been and one that I won't be letting fear take a hold of again.

• I amplified my self~love and loved every minute.
I used to think that spending time alone was 'boring', that I was 'lazy' if I sat down for an hour or that I was 'missing out' if I was in the bath too long. But how wrong I was - this is what allows our growth to expand, when we allow our selves the chance to slow down, we grow that much more.

• I told myself numerous times how proud of ME I am.
Isn't it the most amazing feeling being told "I am so proud of you!"
But why do we have to be told this from others? Why can't we tell this to ourselves?
There is truly no better feeling of being proud of yourself - I don't think there would be any other person I'd like to impress more, then ME.

• I met my soul tribe, who I adore.
At the beginning of 2017 I didn't know close to half the people I now know. How amazing is that?
I felt so lost and alone at the beginning of this year, because I knew I had 'outgrown' those I used to think pleased me, or had like minded beliefs to me, but how wrong I was.
This is my tribe and I'll never doubt that.

• I allowed my creativity to thrive.
Working in the corporate world, I was suppressing my creativity and I never thought I'd get it back. I felt unmotivated and just dis-interested. But the moment I left that numbing job, I knew this was IT. This was when my creativity could come back and SO it did, ten fold.

• I said no to things and people not meant for me.
The power of saying no. Is there anything more powerful?
I have never felt so free in allowing myself to do only what drives me forward, what lights me up and what keeps me growing higher and higher - just by saying no to what doesn't.

• I pushed through the "hard" and kept going.
There have been a heck of a lot of good moment this year, but that doesn't mean I haven't had my fair share of bad or "hard" ones too. Remember me saying earlier about the numbing job? Yeah, that took up the first 6 months of this year and was truly one of the times I'll never wish back. I was unhappy, lost, anxious, stressed, just NOT ME!
But I learn't to SAY NO to that and since, I'VE GROWN INTO ME.

• I loved and allowed myself to be loved in return.
Its true when you hear; before you can love anyone else, you need to love yourself!!!
Oh boy, have I learnt this to be true!
When things aren't 'going right' - I look in, to see what I'm judging, controlling or holding myself back from. In the end its never what we think people are saying 'about us' - it only us that's creating that.

and most of all . . .



I  A M . .

Flower of Life w. Name + Background.jpg

Is it an honest answer or is it simply an excuse...?

I am hearing too often lately people answering with responses around money and I want to ask you this...

Is this an honest answer, or is this simply just an excuse?

I'm not happy... because I don't have money.

I can't spend time with my friends or loved one... because I can't afford to go out.

I don't want to put my health and well-being first... because I'm poor.

Is that the honest truth?

You really don't want to prioritize your health because you don't have the cash... yet you can find the money to spend on things like drugs and alcohol. Clothes. Betting. Then continue to complain about your health issues.

Can you honestly not spend quality time with your loved one because you "can't afford" to buy a meal? What happened to taking a walk on the beach. Or finding a spot under a hidden tree in a park to lay on the picnic rug and have soul to soul conversations? 

You can afford to spend the minutes being cooped up inside "depressed" because all of your focus is going into checking the account hour by hour hoping for things to appear? Yet you can't spent those minutes focusing on being grateful for what you DO have.

Enough is Enough! 

Does it feel good to complain about money? Does it make things easier by using money as the excuse or does it make you feel worse and the person you are saying it too feel like shit.. because you're simply lying to them.

I'll tell you the truth...

It's lame.

It's rude.

It's hurtful.

and its fucking annoying to hear!

Why not tell the truth? Why don't you want to say how you really feel?

How DO you feel after making this excuse?

Empowered? Authentic? Loved?

I wouldn't think so.

Why don't we get to the bottom of it and lead a response from the heart?

Why don't we feel we can be honest in return to the person asking something of us?

Why does money have to be the answer, to almost everything?

Does it feel better for you to answer with "I can't afford it" rather then "I don't honour your time any more"?

Does it feel better for you to answer with "We need more money to do something nice together" rather then "I am falling out of love with you"?

Does it feel better for you to answer with "I honestly don't have the funds to spend money on that" rather then "I'm not interested, thank you anyway"?

Change your vocabulary OR change the circumstance.

It's time to set yourself free of the negativity around the word 'money' and save that word for when its authentic.


Mama Nature's Beautiful Truths


nature know's best. . .

Hey there beautiful,

First off, I want to start by saying; you are perfect just as YOU are.

You, yourself, are the only being that can radiate your true light and your TRUE being on this earth. So I want to encourage you to live this as naturally as you can.

My mission on this earth is to lead by example and inspire every other being along the way. So if I don't share this, then I am not achieving my true purpose here and that won't serve me OR you.


For the past five or more years, I have been gradually transitioning myself, my husband and our home into a natural, non toxic environment and this is something I have been so passionate about doing, whilst empowering those around me to do the same.

One misconception I receive the most is one that I get from men and women and it is the thought around beauty. These questions or comments arise from those who may be a little skeptic about the lifestyle we embody and the lifestyle I embrace. The most common questions or statements that come up are:
"How can you wear makeup if you don't use chemicals."
"I can't get the same look with natural makeup//products."
"It's easier to go any buy products as I don't have the time to make my own."
"All beauty products that work have chemicals."
Blah. Blah. Blah.

And I call BULLSHIT!


I think its harder going out and testing and trying over and over again, whilst spending copious amounts of bullshit high $$ on products that don't serve our skin OR health.


Being a man or women using synthetic chemicals//toxins//additives//preservatives..... ALL THE CRAP on AND inside our bodies is NOT good for our health, our skin or the future humans we wish to bring into the world. These synthetic substances are slowly killing millions of people globally and I want to empower this to change!

What does synthetic mean?
The definition of synthetic is; a substance which has been formulated or manufactured by a chemical process, and has chemically altered a substance which was derived from a naturally occurring plant, mineral or animal source.


Let me ask you this; Do you think its harder to switch your chemically ridden products to natural products OR to slowly kill the cells in your body by applying chemicals to it day in, day out?

I know that I will chose switching to natural products again and again and again.


By switching to natural products such as plant extracted mineral powder, natural plant made blush, plant powered concealer, mascara, eye brow shadow, lipstick, nail polish the list goes on, I have noticed a dramatic difference to my appearance by nourishing my skins natural state and health.

I have noticed that the pigmentation that once shadowed my under eyes is non existent. The small but large clusters of pimples that covered my skin are now just smooth, healthy looking skin.. because the build up is gone. My skin can finally breathe easily, because it is only being covered with plant magic and it is thriving again.

So, would you like to know how and what I'm talking about? How and what I changed to allow my skin to thrive and radiate again? To look well naturally? To naturally FEEL radiant too? To feel comfortable in my own skin, with or without makeup.

Well here goes;

To me, this was one of the easiest transformations EVER! Knowing that I was switching my blemish and pimple riddled skin for glowing, radiant skin. I said YES from the very beginning of my decision. So I switched from products such as MAC, Estee Lauder, Napoleon Perdis and the likes to the brand I will NEVER turn my back on; INIKA Organic, who cover all bases.

Find Inika products here;
*Tip; they also sell in some Myer stores and a lot of health stores!!

Other brands I have tried and liked are; La Mav, Nude by Nature, Bare Minerals

Skin Care:
Being someone who has had troubled skin from a very young age (I mean, from about 10 years old) I have tried a lot of products over time and was even prescribed to antibiotics AND birth control to 'try' and fix the problem. Although, as I grew older and wiser, I knew these were simply just band-aids and were not naturally helping, only making the root of the problem worse. Antibiotics and birth control don't only create the band-aid effect for a couple of weeks or months, or years... they slowly destroy our insides and cause major issues too our bodies, mainly the gut which is the root of most skin, weight and mood issues.

Since switching to basic, natural and mainly homemade options using essential oils, my skin is now the most radiant it has EVER been and I am proud to say that is because I have nurtured it and allowed it to breathe naturally.. like it has always wished for.

A brand that has been on the very top of my list for many years now is; Mukti Organics.

My daily skin routine is very basic, but one that I would like to share with you.
*[Please note I have oily/combination type skin and prone to breakouts if I use products that are heavy//chemically ridden]

+ Morning; I rinse my face in cold water only and pat dry, following with a light spray of my homemade facial mist made using filtered water with 4 drops each of Lavender, Frankincense and Juniper Berry Essential Oils in a 30ml amber spritz bottle.

+ Night; When in the shower I wash my face once with the Mukti Organics Balancing Foaming Cleanser, followed by my homemade facial mist when out of the shower. Once dry, I use the doTERRA Salubelle Essential Oil Blend that is made up of oils such as Rose, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Lavender, Myrrh, Sandalwood etc. I place a small amount under each eye (on the bone) and on my smile lines and continue to rub the remanence over my entire face and neck.

For a very long time I have only ever used oils on my skin for moisture. Although before becoming smitten by skin loving essential oils, I was quite basic and only ever used Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to moisturize my body. It wasn't until I noticed that the coconut oil was a little too thick for my body and started clogging my pores that I started searching for something lighter. It was then I discovered Organic Sesame Oil. Sesame oil is rich in essential fatty acids and helps to maintain the integrity of skin tissue while restructuring and moisturizing the skin.

I create my moisturizer daily by using; 2 TBS Organic Sesame Oil + up to 5 drops Essential Oils of choice and lather my body lovingly after my shower.
*Some of my favourite essential oils for skin are: Frankincense, Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage, Bergamot.


If you would like to learn more or wish to follow along on my journey, head over to my facebook page where I love to share what I love and what works for ME.

OR head over to my instagram and get to know ME more.


If you have been feeling empowered to start a more natural lifestyle and making this really blooming SIMPLE; starting with Essential Oils. Please head to my Essential Oils page here to learn more.

If you are ready to say YES and truly start this journey NOW ((I fucking love you!)) then head here to jump in and get started. From there I will be notified that you have lovingly joined my tribe and I will be in touch soon after to welcome you in PLUS give you even more encouragement on living this dream life XX


Hii There Beautiful One

So, I want to start off with one word; CONNECTION.

This month, if not any.. is a perfect opportunity to grab a friend and share your passion. To welcome your yoga instructor into your passion, just as they have welcomed you into theirs. Maybe even the lady you bump into on your walk each morning or afternoon, you could truly help her too.

Because of coarse, we don't have to do this journey alone.

We can welcome new sisters, old friends or distanced family members back into our lives every single day and TODAY is a perfect day to do just that. Not just for us, but for them. To allow them the well-being they deserve and the peace and comfort you will feel rush through your heart when they call you to tell you how you have touched their lives on so many levels.

Essential oils don't only give us digestive comfort, or support our sleep patterns or kick start that immune system.. they also spike our spiritual and emotional states and bring together the comfort our souls have so lovingly longed for.

You could be walking down the street and someone you have never laid eyes on could stop you to tell you how divine you smell, or ask what shampoo you use because you hair is looking so luscious and the next minute, you're both laughing aloud as your sitting down for coffee (or wine) sharing your stories with one another and saying thank you each time she GET'S YOU!

These oils don't only support us, they bring support and love back into our lives. They attract the very souls we are needing, the ones that will cheer for you when you hit that goal of yours, the ones that will call you and tell you they are taking you out for lunch on your birthday, or the ones that simply just want you in their lives because they have aspired the very person you are. That vibrant, happy, free spirited girl they need in their lives.


Here is why I have come about in sharing this with you and how I want to encourage you to welcome one new person (at least) back into your life this month! Are you ready to welcome new sisters AND new oils into your life right now?

For the month of October, doTERRA is gifting us with something pretty special and something that is available to every single soul out there, new or old. For every new friend you welcome in, share the oils with and enroll into our divine community, not only will they receive 50 doTERRA dollars when ordering 125pv+, BUT YOU WILL TOO!!!

Yes, you heard right!!!

Let me break it down for you; If you have a friend you have over for coffee every week and she always comments on the way your house always smells SO DIVINE - then let her know that she can have that smell too and if her order totals 125pv or more on her very own wholesale account - she will automatically receive 50pv in her back office next month and so will YOU! I have attached a few ideas on what you can get with this 50 points ((I know, I know! It's incredible)).

Of coarse you don't have to stop at one - you can keep going and your points will keeeep going up!!!

Have you had your eye on the mood management kit since enrolling with your first home essentials kit? Enrol 2 sisters with their home essentials kits and you will have this mood management kit paid for!!!!


I do want to let you in on a little secret - The past six months my friendship circle has changed dramatically. At the very beginning of this year, I felt extremely distant to those who I adored and I felt completely alone. It wasn't until I took the plunge and reached out to my soul sister and asked for her presence, for her to guide me into my journey with these divine essential oils I am now completely smitten by. From this moment, I felt so welcome and so, loved. I knew that I had done the very right thing for me in that moment. I had found the souls I had been searching for and now only six months on, I have the best of friends that I know will be my lifelong soul sisters.

But something even more magical... it is because of these oils that I get to meet, inspire and mentor new women every single day into their very own journeys and allow them the love and support that I felt that very moment I said yes too.

Of coarse, you don't have to do this all on your own. This journey is not one to walk alone. You will be guided and supported every single day.

If you do love the sound of this and would LOVE to get your next oils into your home this month,  please reach out to me and I can make this happen for you.

In fact, I would love to come to you and lead a powerful sister circle + essential oils workshop for you and your girls (and most probably some new sisters also) to educate you all on these gifts of the earth and how they too can support you.
(If you host an oily circle at your home - these are your contacts, which mean you are eligible for the 20% commission from these orders PLUS you receive 50 free points for each of the enrollments too - I mean!!)

Sister, If you have said yes many times throughout reading this; I think it is time for you to allow this journey to begin and I would love to be there supporting and connecting with you!!

So, let's start this amazingly powerful journey now.

Love and light to you, darling X


It's T I M E . .

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

If you are new around here, I want to share something with you and that something may not come as a surprise if you've had a look around.

So that being... I am absolutely smitten by the botanical beauties that go by the name of essential oils and are what I am lucky to be immersed in every second of every day and I truly believe they are the most powerful gifts any soul can be gifted with.

These plant extracts are in my life from the moment I wake, to the moment I hit the pillow and have had such a profound and life changing impact on my life and those who I have helped and empowered along the way.

Life now is much more sacred and empowering and it makes me so happy to say that I have a deep sense of ease at all times knowing I am completely supported by Mama Earth.. in plant form + these divine plant extracts that go by the name of essential oils to amplify the vibrational magic we are so damn lucky to have!

My true mission here on earth is to inspire and educate as many souls that I can to live in this way. To live as close to nature as they can.

I know so well how empowered you will feel when you can heal and support yourself naturally and intuitively. I just love knowing and seeing us supporting and embracing our future, for not only ourselves, but our children yet to come into this world.

They won't be taught this in school, so it is up to us to live by example and empower them to live this way. Plants and especially Essential Oils allow us to tap into how we actually feel and to naturally heal and nurture this.

I sure know that I never ever want to bring my children into a world where they are given a drug to mask their headache, sore toe or the chemical ridden drink that will soothe their sore throats.
I want them to happily take themselves to the 'medicine cabinet' filled with these botanicals and for them to feel nurtured by what is going to help them heal in an instant. Because these botanicals do just that.. they nurture and ignite our whole body.
They are here to heal us.. from the inside out.

I cannot wait until mama earth is in every home and for absolutely every BODY to be living in a chemical free space away from toxins that are NOT healing us.. but killing us instead.
I know first hand how easy it is to incorporate essential oils into our everyday lives and support our emotional, physical and mental health.

Now, I am all about sharing them authentically and whole heartedly because I know the impact these can have on you and your family too and am SO, SO, SO honoured to be a part of that. I am so excited that WE get to be a part of this change and create this ripple effect for those yet to experience this world.

Please know that your small changes are making this difference ~ no small change goes unnoticed, we are all here to make these changes, for the better and if not for ourselves, then for our future generations and the generations after and generations after them. We can make this change and we can BE THE CHANGE.


File 14-9-17, 4 25 07 pm.jpeg


Be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Ghandi
File 4-9-17, 3 16 56 pm.jpeg

She has been feeling it for awhile now ~ that sense of awakening.
There is a gentle rage simmering inside her and it is getting stronger by the day.
She will hold it close to her ~ she will nurture it and let it grow.
She won't let anyone take it away from her.
It is her rocket fuel and finally, she is going places.
She can feel it down to her very core ~ this is her time.
She will not only climb mountains ~ she will move them too.
- Lang Leav.

all great things.png

Has there been a burning feeling running through you lately that makes you feel so driven to give this world everything you have been brought here to do.. to be?

What you're doing is just not serving you anymore. It isn't lighting that spark or that drive to succeed that it did when you started it.

You've come to realize that the spiritual or creative or artistic soul in you that is going to work at a corporate firm is slowly dying away. You are becoming someone that you hate being, to try and please those around you. Be it your family, your partner, your colleges. You just want to fit in, because you feel that person will succeed more then the creative one.

Well, my dear. I'm here to tell you that enough is ENOUGH.

Have you heard that voice in your heart telling you to leave? Then do it. Don't wait for the promotion or the pay-rise that you have been promised again and again. Or the bonus that you 'might' get in three months.

Stop being the slave for someone else.. the person that is told again and again that their leadership is seen and 'needed in this business'. Because, do you know what? The truth is... you're going to be let down, once again. You're never going to get the rise you have planned out in your head. Or the promotion that has been promised and promised. Yes, you may be given more work to allow you the experience or the 'growth'.. but for what in return? What is this giving back to you?

I'll tell you now, actions speak louder then words and the only person that can change your current situation is YOU!

You are the one that has the spark. You are the one that can make that soul shine. You are the one that has the POWER. The power to change. The power to thrive and the power to SUCCEED.

It's time to do what your heart is telling you to do... what you have 'wished' to do for the past five years now, but haven't had the courage to do! Not to just make you happy, but to make you freaking SHINE your TRUE, RAW, HONEST self!!!

Do the coarse. Launch the name. Publish the website. Write the newsletter. Take the photo's. Send the email. JUST DO IT and DO IT WITH SOUL!

Because this world would be a much better place if we were all living in our authentic alignment and were truly showing the world what we want to show them. Listening to our guts and giving it absolutely everything we could. Don't worry about the haters. Worry about YOU.

I'll let you in on a secret.....

Things start falling in to place a LOT quicker once you take that chance. I PROMISE YOU!

Much love,
Jen xx


Essential Oils with Jenna Duxbury

Today, we got out of our pj's and into the teacher hat for an Online Intro to Essential Oils.

One thing I adore sharing is my passions for all things health, holistic living and of coarse.. essential oils. So let me share this with you, beautiful.

If you have longed to find out about all of the amazing health and nutritional benefits of essential oils, then this is for you. YOU are who we want to share this information with and it is you who we want to welcome into our tribe.

Five years ago, life took a complete change. From changing eating habits, eliminating toxic energies, slowly making the changes from commercial products to natural and mainly home-made products... our bodies started thanking us for it.

Here we live a plant based, natural life.. from food, cleaning, beauty and make-up, to self love.

It wasn't until earlier this year we really decided to take that next step and invest in what we had been SO badly wanting, to learn all about pure essential oils and amplify our natural game that bit more... and wow have they done just that.

Essential oils have supported myself particularly with fatigue, digestive upset, stress & anxiety, hormonal support and increasing spiritual practice among others. This is a lifestyle I have loved living and love exploring more into. So let me share this all with you as I go.

It isn't easy to always make it to a session to learn and explore what we so badly want to learn, so we have made that a little easier and are here to give you an insight on how, why and when we use these beautiful gifts of the earth, day in.. day out.

*Keep an eye out towards the end for how you can score some pretty special gifts*

Other Resources as reference in the class, can be found here.

A wrap up of the Top Ten Oils;

Peppermint: The oil of a Light Heart. A very energizing oil and known for its caffeine free 'pick me up' - perfect for that 3pm slump.  Peppermint is cooling to the body temperature, and as I mentioned previously.. is perfect in tea to settle an upset tummy.

DigestZen: The oil of Digestion. Releasing the gut of anxiety and stress, digestzen helps to breakdown the states of overwhelm. Promoting a healthy digestion while relieving the feelings of bloating, cramping and nausea.

Lemon: The oil of Focus. Welcoming more clarity, lemon helps in the process of detoxifying, whilst purifying the air. Amplify your detoxification journey with non-tox cleaning.. adding lemon essential oil is perfect to REALLY cleanse the home!

Lavender: The oil of Communication. Known to calm worries and support the release of tensions in the body. Lavender is calming to the nervous system, promoting a restful night sleep. As we were taught growing up, lavender is perfect for soothing and calming irritated skin.

Frankincense: The oil of Truth. Frank fights inflammation in the body whilst renewing brain function. Known incredibly for beautifying and anti-ageing benefits for the skin, while promoting cellular regeneration. Frank is not named 'The KING of oils for nothing!!

Oregano: The oil of Non-Attachment. Given the title of Nature’s Antibiotic! Not only boosting a healthy immune system, but oregano allows a healthy connection between the self and the devine by removing blocks throughout the body.

OnGuard: The oil of Protection. Containing natures most powerful anti-oxidant Clove, Onguard shields individuals of bacteria, protects the immune system and wards off energetic parasites while filling the body with antioxidants.

Tea Tree: The oil of Energetic Boundaries. Tea Tree is the oil to turn too for disinfecting, treating bites and stings, as well as smoothing blemishes. The must have oil for your first aid kit and to wip out as an insect repellent.

Easy Air: The oil of Breath. Opening of the respiratory tract, easy air encourages you too let go on each out breath and receive with every in breath. A great support for asthmatics, as well as energizing for the athletes.

Ice Blue: The oil of Surrendering Pain. Helping the body stay calm and collected throughout the feeling of pain, both physically and emotionally. Apply topically for muscle and joint pain or aromaticlly for emotional release.

Petal Diffuser: The Petal Diffuser is a small, convenient, and night-friendly diffuser with a far-reaching mist designed to help purify and humidify the air around you. Covers up to 330 square feet and includes a 1-2 or 4 hour timer setting that switches off automatically after the selected time.

The Petal Diffuser permeates an ultra-fine, yet substantial mist output into the air, releasing the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of doTERRA essential oils quickly and safely. Perfect for both novice and experienced essential oil users who want a reliable, easy-to-use essential oil diffuser.

B E ✧ O P E N . .

2017-01-18 10.26.35.jpg

Let's allow the world around us to see the true beauty that shines within us


Allow that beauty to truly SHINE from the inside out.

Why is it we often fear from showing our true values, the true core of our souls?
Why would we want to hide who we really are? Why wouldn't we want others to see this?

It often isn't until we truly work on awakening our souls and see these gifts for ourselves, that we fully embody that person that shines so brightly on the inside, to truly shine on the outside too!

To get to this point, something may have lead us there.
We may have seen this in somebody else, someone so close to us.

It's then that we want a piece of what they're having..

Over the past few years I have allowed the beauty of mother nature in crystal form as well as plants form, guide me to my light.
Although I was still hiding. I was still stuck within. I didn't feel brave enough to allow this beautiful soul to come out and to show others that shiny piece of my soul just yet.

It wasn't until I found the next level.
I found a different form of plants to awaken my soul.

Here I allowed the plant extracts of essential oils to tell me to stop holding back.

To truly SHINE

Who for?!
For ME.
For YOU.

For everyone out there watching.
I didn't know what this would create.
I just knew that it would be something pretty bloody magical.


Maybe it was the Frankincese that soothed my mind. The Lavender that calmed my heart. The Salubelle that opened me to that realm. Or, the Bergamot that told me to JUST BE ME.


So let me tell you how amazing that felt and continues to feel, every single day.
To live in alignment with myself. With those around me.
To feel supported. To feel safe. To be happy.

Let me guide you to how you should do the same.

Because the world needs more of US

More light workers. More soul driven sisters, brothers, mama's.
The world needs more people coming out and shining their lights for others too see.
To shine for those who are stuck. Scared. In Fear.

Let that soul SHINE for them.

We don't need to heal the whole world to make magic.
But we do need to be that light for at least one other person who needs it.
So let's start, today.
Let's be the LIGHT.
Let's SHINE bright.
Brighter then she did yesterday.
Brighter then we ever have before.

Start SHINING today.

be the light for those who need YOU!