Three simple tools to a healthier you...

Please tell me I'm not the only one wondering where March actually went!?
In fact, when I opened my emails to an amazing list of surprises on the weekend, I almost thought it was just one of those April fools jokes... ha ha. But luckily to my surprise after i'd hoped onto Instagram and Facebook and found out it was real, I almost jumped out of my seat with excitement.

Before going into the said surprises though, I want to do a little check in.

Yes, this year seems to be getting lost amongst all of the energy upgrades, mercury and action/non action taking.. but I want to ask, are WE getting lost there too?

How are you feeling within?

How has this year been for you, so far?

I know that I for one get swept up on what's happening for everyone else and what those I look up to, down to and beside to are doing; or not doing and I sometimes forget to come and check in with what I'M doing/thinking/feeling.

After a rough couple of weeks.. you know those ones where you feel like all of the up-leveling, achieving, actions have come crashing down and you're at square one with not knowing which way to go next..? Yep, I've had one of those times recently and the reason I am admitting that is because.. that's right.. I'm human too!

So, I have taken some time to come back in. To check in with how I'm really feeling inside and, my body returned with a HALLELUJAH!!! Its been uncomfortable.... fark, BLOOODY uncomfortable... but I know it is SO necessary for my next chapter.

Now although I seem to be amongst this still, I want to share some of the tools I have been using to get me through this and what will be helping me come out the other side. Because when we know the simple things that bring us back into our physical bodies; it changes our being completely.

2016-11-25 16.58.41.jpg

  n a t u r e  t i m e ;
Shoes off, airplane mode set, airways o p e n.
Spending quality time in nature is always a vital part of my well-being and is something I will never, ever take for granted. In the moments I feel unsettled, scattered and a little (or a lot) emotional.. I know to turn to our mother, nature.

• g r o u n d i n g •

Grounding [or earthing] refers to connecting your body electrically with the Earth.
This energy infusion is powerful.

Walking barefoot on the earth is known to restore and stabilize the bio-electrical circuitry that governs your physiology and organs, harmonize your basic biological rhythms, boost self-healing mechanisms, reduce inflammation and pain, improve your sleep and nervous system; returning a feeling of calmness. When these things happen, your state of being is on a whole new level of alive.

+ Essential Oils I use to support me during my nature immersions;

1. Balance Grounding Blend: Onto the soles of my feet & inhaled to connect deeper with the earth.
2. Easy Air Respiratory Blend: Inhaled from hands and rubbed over chest to open airways.

Bath Time Serenity-5.jpg

  b a t h  t i m e ;

ohhh sweet sweet bath time, how I love you so!
One of the things I will never be able to live without is a bath for me to fill with my favourite essential oils, salts, petals and most of the time a can of coconut milk... because skin nourishment is LOVE.

Being surrounded by all of the things that make my femininity daze off into dreamland, the miracle sounds of yoga nidra and the aroma's of oils filling my being.. is there anything more divine? I think not.

+ Essential Oils I use to support me during my bath time immersions;
1. Into the bath: Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium & Patchouli
2. Into the diffuser: Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Digestzen

Smashed Avo-5.jpg

  n o u r i s h m e n t  t i m e ;

Although I've always found cooking a form of therapy, it truly gets me into my own little world when I'm in the kitchen creating a nourishing dish for not only myself, but my love (or loved ones). I love using cooking as a way of creating and do just that.. I never ever follow a recipe. Yes, I get the idea here and there, but then I let my own mind and taste buds lead the way into plant heaven.

Sometimes its as simple as sitting down with a coffee, a mag and my own smashed avo on sourdough... but mostly its biting into a feast for dinner that makes my tummy say THANK YOU! Because we can't look//feel good on the outside if we're not nourishing what's in the inside.. and yes, that doesn't only mean what we're putting into our mouths; but that mindful mag makes all the difference to setting the tone for the day ahead.

+ My favourite Essential Oils to use in cooking;
1. Lemon: Perfect in smashed avo, guac, salad dressings and raw deserts
2. Lime: An addition to the perfect guac and in raw deserts
3. Oregano: An immune booster to add to any dish.
4. Cumin: Added into curries, potato bake and the likes yuuummo.
5. Dill: Do you like a deeelicious "creamy" pasta? Add dill to take it to the next level!

Now on to the secrets?

At the beginning of each month we start fresh in doTERRA land and are surprised with incredible new deals and promotions that just seem to be getting better and better.

Now, as you would know.. it is my mission to get these oils into as many homes as I possibly can and transform the lives of families all over the world. I do so by sharing, empowering and living the oily lifestyle and educating people on them in many different forms.

Whether you are currently using doTERRA essential oils, or are yet to explore them; jump in and join my tribe mail below to receive the latest promotions and freebies available to us all.
They are absolutely amazing and I have declared April as "Amazing April".

Here you will be inspired in many forms to living your most conscious life yet. Xo.