It's hot on my heart and it needs to be birthed.

Have you ever been left wondering.. Why do I need to do this?

We're all here for the same reason, I get that. To live.
But is simply living the only way?

I'm not ever taken back by these questions.
In fact, right now, for me.. I am consciously clear about why I'm doing this, what it is that I'm here to do and I know why I'm constantly striving for that more.

The only difference is...
that very reason is now growing inside me and my why is only growing stronger with it.

▽ ▽ ▽

How can we change the world for the better for our future generation(s)?
Because, we are leading THEIR way.

*4 weeks*

Although this is THE most exciting time of our lives, I'm not going to lie and say it's not a frightening time also.
Thinking "Can we actually DO this?" to "Is this world safe for them?"

But one of the main things coming up for me is... Guilt.
I can't count the times I've felt guilt on how "easy" people THINK this was for us.

But one night, a light bulb went off...
Husband & I clicked - It wasn't easy - We were prepared and deserve this in every way.
The effort has gone above and beyond and we have been working on this for YEARS behind the scenes - both consciously and subconsciously.

As you may know, we have transformed our lives dramatically and have worked extremely hard on creating a conscious lifestyle which includes a zero chemical home, a complete plant based diet for myself (about 80% plant based for husband) and for me, working on self-development and my spiritual journey the past couple of years.

So, I'm going to stop saying this was "easy" for us.
Instead I'm telling you that we made sure we were ready, when we were READY.

For some it takes years to actively try - for some it takes years to consciously try.
There really is one big difference between the two, though.

The one thing I actively pursued in our quest in "trying" was bettering myself, before bringing another soul into the world. Because the world needs more change makers to thrive!

I know for sure.. if I'd stayed the way I was - I'd be right where some are now.
But instead - every single (huge!) effort I've put in behind the scenes over the past six years haven't only been for me!
I have ALWAYS had my mind on the bigger reasoning and that is...

So here is a little insite into my journey - from hangovers to morning sickness, I can tell you one is definitely a trillion times more worth it then the other (although they feel quite the same haha!)

▽ ▽ ▽

It all began in 2012, when we were tired of doing the normal early 20's thang of going to clubs and getting wasted weekend after weekend.
I think we got the wake up call when we had an old friend living with us that was couldn't even make it down the driveway one Saturday morning without chucking in the garden bed on her way down (it actually still makes my stomach turn!!).
That was when we said enough was enough.
We made the conscious decision to say no to that.
To clean up our diets, improve our fitness regime and say no to alcohol for going on 6 months and I can tell you this moment was one of the most rewarding decisions of our life.
This was the beginning of the transformation that was (and is) and one that is never too late to be yours, too.

Though, it was in 2013 when we were heading down south and an article on birth control came across my screen that made me say an immediate HELL NO! to taking my pill any longer.
I was quite surprised to how "under a rock" I was about pharmaceuticals and in particular what it was that birth control was doing to women all over the world.
I guess it's because we're just told its normal. Dr's know right, right?!
Its sickening to think of how conditioned we are to think this is "normal"
We're put on it at the age of 14 (some earlier) by doctors, simply just to mask skin problems!
Excuse me, but... WHAT!!!
These people do years of schooling just to serve a drug to minors for something that is actually totally natural to be occurring in their bodies.
I just don't get it and it makes me so mad to know its still happening to so many young women today.
So, yes - that day was the last day I took that dreaded pill and will never ever look back.
Again, this was one life changing conscious decision I didn't only do for myself, but for my future children.

Yes, coming off birth control wasn't easy - my body had been so used to this bandaid for going on 8 years, so of coarse it was going to be asking "what the F are you doing to me, women!"
Yep, my skin broke out again. My mood swings were, well, manageable...... just. ha! (My then boyfriend went on to marry me, so it couldn't have been too bad.)
And my cycle took its time to resettle into a natural routine. But it did.
All of that I was so open and so prepared to cope with, as I was not putting drugs into my body any longer, and again... I've never looked back!!!

2014, we were well settled into our first home and by that stage I had read copious more articles about pharmaceuticals, as well as the chemicals drowning our homes and bodies in the form of cleaning, first aid and beauty products.
Again, I feel sick knowing I could have woken up to this earlier. But, I'll never change not knowing it earlier, as I am so proud of myself for delving into research and educating myself on this topic that I now happily empower the world around me to open up to and get to bring my babies up being aware of.

It was a steady process.
I didn't go "cold turkey", though I knew some things were more important than others to chuck and that I did. I made a trip to the health food store, stocked up firstly on essential oils, vinegar and bi-carb so I could atleast get to cleaning the home with zero nasties.
I immediately noticed the difference.
In my breathing, in the quality of the air, how fresh the house actually felt.
I didn't have to have a zillion candles going to make it better.
And from then on, as we ran out of products; we replaced them with mother earth's magic.
*Think dish-washing liquid, laundry soap, shampoo & conditioner, makeup, toothpaste etc etc*
What goes ONTO our bodies, goes INTO our bodies!

But, were the chemicals I was cleaning the house and lathering my skin with the only thing that could be changed? Certainly not!
Not long after I transitioned my then vegetarian lifestyle to a complete plant based.
I was sick of living the stomach issues I was having and thinking this was normal.. think constant digestive disaster (eugh) and so I delved more and more into all of the research I could to educate myself on how our bodies functioning works and how much of an impact the food that is going into our bodies has on our overall health. It was from this moment on that I have lived a complete plant based, sugar free and wholefoods lifestyle and yep, you guessed it, one conscious decision I made not only for myself.. but for my future children.

Why, You're probably asking?

Because I not only wanted my body to be clean, fit and healthy for me, but for when I was ready to bring those little lives into the world - I want to be the light for them.
I want my children to thrive off of asking for fruit & vegetables over lollies.
I want my children to come to me and ask me for an essential oil to help their pain.
I want my children to come to me and ask me for what it is their body is asking for.
I want them to be in tune with their bodies, just like I am mine.
I want them to grow and learn and live as clearly as humanly possible.

And I have 100% satisfaction in knowing this is what they will do.
They will thrive off of mother nature, because that will be their 'normal'.
They will live their lives the best way from the day they enter this earth and I will be proud to watch and empower this forever and have faith that they carry this on to their babies.

Essential oils have been one of the biggest impacts to my journey so far.
I too once thought they were just some "nice smelling things for the oil burner" but once my world was cracked open to them and I truly allowed them to impact our lives in SO many ways, our lives really have only amplified since.
I am so excited to have these gifts of the earth to support my pregnancy and bring into my babies life while being the first thing I turn too for the array of healing, calming and transforming times that lay ahead.

▽ ▽ ▽

For those of you who are still to begin this transformation,  here are a few reasoning's to factor;

  • The quality of air you breathe is the quality of not only your lifestyle; but your emotions, your immune system, digestive system and most importantly.. your hormones!
  • Every single thing we spray, wash, wipe, smell and touch in our environments is going directly into our respiratory system and straight into our blood stream within 30 seconds.
  • Our skin being our largest organ, not only absorbs what we are putting directly onto it (think moisturizers, foundation, perfume etc etc) - it is absorbing every single thing it comes into contact with, including the sprays you're using on that shower recess.
  • It is our digestive health, immune system and skin that determines how healthy our hormones are functioning. But it's up to us as to the quality that will be in. These chemically ridden products are not only harming the bodies we live in, but are having the first say on what our hormones are going to be dishing out to us - for some, cancers, dis-ease and even infertility.
  • A tip on sugar - Research has proven that sugar is one of our highest causes of hormone imbalance & particularly that of the Thyroid - Thyroid disease affects over 50 million people in America alone!!! One factor to take in when choosing that soft drink over water next time.

▽ ▽ ▽

So, please hear me out when I put my importance out there as to the quality of your products being the quality of your life and the results in which you may or may not experience.

I will continue to share this journey of mine and thrive off of empowering souls just like you in living your most natural and best life possible. For it isn't only our quality of life that our actions have implications on.. it is the quality of everyone around us.

I am in no way an "expert" on these topics and do not have a university degree to advise you on what you should/should not be doing and using - but I will be a voice for all holistic advocates forever more and am so excited that this journey has not only allowed me to become the natural mama I have been thriving to be, but now also has me studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to better my own knowledge, as well as bring this message in deeper knowledge to you all.

And remember,  all of the decisions and actions you take in this direction and transformation to a holistic lifestyle for your family should ALWAYS have our future generation in the back of our minds and only help empower us all that much more.

Please, if this has helped you in any way or may help someone you know in their journey, please comment below or share this with the world.

All my love, Jen xx

Jenna Duxbury