Hii There Beautiful One

So, I want to start off with one word; CONNECTION.

This month, if not any.. is a perfect opportunity to grab a friend and share your passion. To welcome your yoga instructor into your passion, just as they have welcomed you into theirs. Maybe even the lady you bump into on your walk each morning or afternoon, you could truly help her too.

Because of coarse, we don't have to do this journey alone.

We can welcome new sisters, old friends or distanced family members back into our lives every single day and TODAY is a perfect day to do just that. Not just for us, but for them. To allow them the well-being they deserve and the peace and comfort you will feel rush through your heart when they call you to tell you how you have touched their lives on so many levels.

Essential oils don't only give us digestive comfort, or support our sleep patterns or kick start that immune system.. they also spike our spiritual and emotional states and bring together the comfort our souls have so lovingly longed for.

You could be walking down the street and someone you have never laid eyes on could stop you to tell you how divine you smell, or ask what shampoo you use because you hair is looking so luscious and the next minute, you're both laughing aloud as your sitting down for coffee (or wine) sharing your stories with one another and saying thank you each time she GET'S YOU!

These oils don't only support us, they bring support and love back into our lives. They attract the very souls we are needing, the ones that will cheer for you when you hit that goal of yours, the ones that will call you and tell you they are taking you out for lunch on your birthday, or the ones that simply just want you in their lives because they have aspired the very person you are. That vibrant, happy, free spirited girl they need in their lives.


Here is why I have come about in sharing this with you and how I want to encourage you to welcome one new person (at least) back into your life this month! Are you ready to welcome new sisters AND new oils into your life right now?

For the month of October, doTERRA is gifting us with something pretty special and something that is available to every single soul out there, new or old. For every new friend you welcome in, share the oils with and enroll into our divine community, not only will they receive 50 doTERRA dollars when ordering 125pv+, BUT YOU WILL TOO!!!

Yes, you heard right!!!

Let me break it down for you; If you have a friend you have over for coffee every week and she always comments on the way your house always smells SO DIVINE - then let her know that she can have that smell too and if her order totals 125pv or more on her very own wholesale account - she will automatically receive 50pv in her back office next month and so will YOU! I have attached a few ideas on what you can get with this 50 points ((I know, I know! It's incredible)).

Of coarse you don't have to stop at one - you can keep going and your points will keeeep going up!!!

Have you had your eye on the mood management kit since enrolling with your first home essentials kit? Enrol 2 sisters with their home essentials kits and you will have this mood management kit paid for!!!!


I do want to let you in on a little secret - The past six months my friendship circle has changed dramatically. At the very beginning of this year, I felt extremely distant to those who I adored and I felt completely alone. It wasn't until I took the plunge and reached out to my soul sister and asked for her presence, for her to guide me into my journey with these divine essential oils I am now completely smitten by. From this moment, I felt so welcome and so, loved. I knew that I had done the very right thing for me in that moment. I had found the souls I had been searching for and now only six months on, I have the best of friends that I know will be my lifelong soul sisters.

But something even more magical... it is because of these oils that I get to meet, inspire and mentor new women every single day into their very own journeys and allow them the love and support that I felt that very moment I said yes too.

Of coarse, you don't have to do this all on your own. This journey is not one to walk alone. You will be guided and supported every single day.

If you do love the sound of this and would LOVE to get your next oils into your home this month,  please reach out to me and I can make this happen for you.

In fact, I would love to come to you and lead a powerful sister circle + essential oils workshop for you and your girls (and most probably some new sisters also) to educate you all on these gifts of the earth and how they too can support you.
(If you host an oily circle at your home - these are your contacts, which mean you are eligible for the 20% commission from these orders PLUS you receive 50 free points for each of the enrollments too - I mean!!)

Sister, If you have said yes many times throughout reading this; I think it is time for you to allow this journey to begin and I would love to be there supporting and connecting with you!!

So, let's start this amazingly powerful journey now.

Love and light to you, darling X