All path's don't lean the same way


It's not often that we stop and take a look back on the journey we have made to get to the point in the path we are on right now, in this very moment.

Instead we get so caught up in what we ‘should’ be doing and forget what it is that we actually want or long to be doing. We have others left, right and center throwing their opinions or judging what we may not be doing - or in truth, what they think we should be doing.

Most recently I’ve been allowing myself to get super clear on this and I can honestly say how comfortable and clear I am with the path I’m on right now and the steps I am/will be taking to aligning closer with that.

But I too would like to point out that I haven't always been this clear.. in fact I think this may be the clearest I have been in a very long time. There are times where I thought I knew; but actually, I was just a little lost or confused in the process of the outside world. So after coming out of an extremely dark and uncomfortable time recently; I have allowed myself to sit with this.
I've spent hours outside answering questions asked to myself in my journal,
Meditating on my mat in the early hours,
Connecting with scents that raise my intuition and
Welcoming clarity + vision in.

It was during the uncomfortable that made me see more light - darkness is a blessing like that!

Our paths are never completely straight or easy, or even make sense most of the time. Though when we allow ourselves to come back inside, ask and wait for the answer.. it becomes so clear and easier to put the dots into place. Those dark times are truly blessings that bring us closer to the path we need to veer off too, in order to get back onto the straight.. until it again comes to a wave in the path once more and again and again.

So, whether you’re going through a super uncomfortable time ~ or a somewhat easy time; know that it’s all happening to align you more with the path right for you.

My biggest advice is to forget what the others are doing and saying and put all of your complete focus on what it is that is here and meant for you. For what is right for them and their path; will never ever be right for yours and that is totally okay!!!

And always remember;; paths always bend in order to go straight again + it’s always, always okay to take a few steps back, detour and then continue straighter then before.

So, stop and be still. Go inside and listen. Trust and take action. Enjoy the journey!

Much love,
Jen xx

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