Entering a new year without the overwhelm.

So here we are, in 2018.

A year that feels magical and free already.

The past two days have been spent how I intend the rest of the year to be spent...


The beginning of a new year is a time to begin again.
A time to start fresh and release all that didn't serve you in the year past.
This is a time to reflect and realign with your true beliefs and allow them to come again, free-er and fresher then they did in the past.

This time can be one of the most soothing times of the year.

Though, it too can be one of the most overwhelming.

We are seeing all of these "new year, new goals" "new year, new me" goal settings going on. People are sharing more than they usually do. They are thanking every soul they have surrounding them and they are allowing us to hear what they too would like to achieve in the year ahead.


I, myself have found this quite overwhelming.

Although I love the idea about setting new goals, resolutions, new beginnings..
I find that sometimes its times like this that the minds voice takes over and tells me things alike 'if you don't do it straight away, you can't do it at all' or 'you're doing it wrong'
So I'm left with feeling like I'm beginning the year wrong and I'm failing, before I've even started again.

So, instead of setting my 'goals' this year. I've spent the days in pure presence of what I was doing and I ended the past year and began the new year how I INTEND on feeling and being this year. This included times of being slow, by the ocean, full of joy, laughing, clearing, reading, in a pure state of happiness for what life currently IS.





noun: intention; plural noun: intentions

1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.


When setting my intentions I asked myself
"how does 2018 FEEL to you" - "how would you like to FEEL this year"
and the three words that come to me are

F R E E  -  J O Y  -  A D V E N T U R O U S


A passage from my journal;

"Thank you 2018 for the opportunity to live a life of freedom, of joy and of wild adventure. The travel that is upon me, the spontaneous roadtrips, the nights of laughter and the outrageous ways I am able to give to those I love and adore, I am forever grateful."

2nd Dec 2018.jpeg

So today as we woke, post ocean cleanse and home clean. I took myself to my emotions + essential oils book to read on my oil of choice for the day; basil - what I received was "The oil of Renewal" and I thought, oh how perfect is this. I intuitively paired him with two other oils; Citrus Bliss blend "The oil of creativity" and Spearmint "The oil of Confident Speech" and I thought, wow I never need to doubt the power of these divine mother nature healing tools. Because that is exactly how I'd like to start off 2018.

I then took the time to sage the home, setting new intentions to bring abundance through the home; I even started a new 'tradition' of throwing coins through the front door and placing selenite in the passage; which together amplify the receiving tools, along side our intentions of being worthy of receiving.

Followed by writing the way I will FEEL and AM this year, again. Allowing me to free write - being worthy, creative and spontaneous. Surrounded by crystals, oils, palo santo, sea shells + incense, I wrote my future self a letter. A letter of pride and gratitude for how 2018 achieved. Which the new me, on the 2nd Dec 2019 will open and read, filled with love and joy once again.

All together this was not 'goal setting', but instead this was my part of intention setting.
Being FREE (emotionally, physically + financially). Feeling JOY (emotionally, physically + mentally) and living a life of ADVENTURE (the spontaneous nights at home or on the road where we are free of worry + traveling to the beautiful places we have only ever dreamt of).

2017 intention.jpeg

I am here now, and I am grateful for where I stand.
I honour my journey so far and give myself permission to take the next step forwards.
— Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Happy Days Ahead.jpeg

Reflecting on the year that was;

The last weeks of 2017 were spent reflecting, enjoying and nourishing my soul.
Although amongst this, it too saw the feelings of overwhelm come in, anxiety flood back through and my root chakra in all sorts of unease.

It's that time of the year where we can get caught up in the crazy, stretching ourselves that little bit too far because we don't want to 'miss out' or we want to keep everyone happy so we say yes to everything we are asked to do!
But why? Why do we feel we NEED to do it all?

In these times, we too have to say NO as much as we say yes.
We too have to stay grounded, content, nourished inside as well as outside.
We too need to fill up our own cups, whilst trying to fill that of others.
So, that's exactly what I did.
I said no to plans that felt uneasy.

I focused on ME and nourished that part of me that I was craving.


While I spent 2 hours by the ocean one morning filling up my own cup.
Walking, breathing, stopping and loving.

I spent it slow to reflect and appreciate all that life has and is gifting me and was reminded to appreciate all of the gratitude and lessons that 2017 gifted me..
so here is what I reflected on that day;

• 2017 was the year I grew into ME.
Unapologetically sharing, connecting, and spending time just as I wish to, without the fear of judgement coming in from others and hiding this women I AM.

• I allowed myself to let go of my biggest 'baggage' and move forward without looking back.
It was one of the hardest things I have done, leaving security, financial security mainly. But the moment I handed in my resignation letter, I felt myself FREE.

• I allowed myself to open up more, to be vulnerable and unapologetically me.
Vulnerability is one thing I have always struggled with, letting people in or more importantly, letting myself OUT. Speaking my truth, allowing my throat chakra to OPEN, wow what an experience it has been and one that I won't be letting fear take a hold of again.

• I amplified my self~love and loved every minute.
I used to think that spending time alone was 'boring', that I was 'lazy' if I sat down for an hour or that I was 'missing out' if I was in the bath too long. But how wrong I was - this is what allows our growth to expand, when we allow our selves the chance to slow down, we grow that much more.

• I told myself numerous times how proud of ME I am.
Isn't it the most amazing feeling being told "I am so proud of you!"
But why do we have to be told this from others? Why can't we tell this to ourselves?
There is truly no better feeling of being proud of yourself - I don't think there would be any other person I'd like to impress more, then ME.

• I met my soul tribe, who I adore.
At the beginning of 2017 I didn't know close to half the people I now know. How amazing is that?
I felt so lost and alone at the beginning of this year, because I knew I had 'outgrown' those I used to think pleased me, or had like minded beliefs to me, but how wrong I was.
This is my tribe and I'll never doubt that.

• I allowed my creativity to thrive.
Working in the corporate world, I was suppressing my creativity and I never thought I'd get it back. I felt unmotivated and just dis-interested. But the moment I left that numbing job, I knew this was IT. This was when my creativity could come back and SO it did, ten fold.

• I said no to things and people not meant for me.
The power of saying no. Is there anything more powerful?
I have never felt so free in allowing myself to do only what drives me forward, what lights me up and what keeps me growing higher and higher - just by saying no to what doesn't.

• I pushed through the "hard" and kept going.
There have been a heck of a lot of good moment this year, but that doesn't mean I haven't had my fair share of bad or "hard" ones too. Remember me saying earlier about the numbing job? Yeah, that took up the first 6 months of this year and was truly one of the times I'll never wish back. I was unhappy, lost, anxious, stressed, just NOT ME!
But I learn't to SAY NO to that and since, I'VE GROWN INTO ME.

• I loved and allowed myself to be loved in return.
Its true when you hear; before you can love anyone else, you need to love yourself!!!
Oh boy, have I learnt this to be true!
When things aren't 'going right' - I look in, to see what I'm judging, controlling or holding myself back from. In the end its never what we think people are saying 'about us' - it only us that's creating that.

and most of all . . .



I  A M . .

Flower of Life w. Name + Background.jpg