B E ✧ O P E N . .

2017-01-18 10.26.35.jpg

Let's allow the world around us to see the true beauty that shines within us


Allow that beauty to truly SHINE from the inside out.

Why is it we often fear from showing our true values, the true core of our souls?
Why would we want to hide who we really are? Why wouldn't we want others to see this?

It often isn't until we truly work on awakening our souls and see these gifts for ourselves, that we fully embody that person that shines so brightly on the inside, to truly shine on the outside too!

To get to this point, something may have lead us there.
We may have seen this in somebody else, someone so close to us.

It's then that we want a piece of what they're having..

Over the past few years I have allowed the beauty of mother nature in crystal form as well as plants form, guide me to my light.
Although I was still hiding. I was still stuck within. I didn't feel brave enough to allow this beautiful soul to come out and to show others that shiny piece of my soul just yet.

It wasn't until I found the next level.
I found a different form of plants to awaken my soul.

Here I allowed the plant extracts of essential oils to tell me to stop holding back.

To truly SHINE

Who for?!
For ME.
For YOU.

For everyone out there watching.
I didn't know what this would create.
I just knew that it would be something pretty bloody magical.


Maybe it was the Frankincese that soothed my mind. The Lavender that calmed my heart. The Salubelle that opened me to that realm. Or, the Bergamot that told me to JUST BE ME.


So let me tell you how amazing that felt and continues to feel, every single day.
To live in alignment with myself. With those around me.
To feel supported. To feel safe. To be happy.

Let me guide you to how you should do the same.

Because the world needs more of US

More light workers. More soul driven sisters, brothers, mama's.
The world needs more people coming out and shining their lights for others too see.
To shine for those who are stuck. Scared. In Fear.

Let that soul SHINE for them.

We don't need to heal the whole world to make magic.
But we do need to be that light for at least one other person who needs it.
So let's start, today.
Let's be the LIGHT.
Let's SHINE bright.
Brighter then she did yesterday.
Brighter then we ever have before.

Start SHINING today.

be the light for those who need YOU!