It's T I M E . .

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

If you are new around here, I want to share something with you and that something may not come as a surprise if you've had a look around.

So that being... I am absolutely smitten by the botanical beauties that go by the name of essential oils and are what I am lucky to be immersed in every second of every day and I truly believe they are the most powerful gifts any soul can be gifted with.

These plant extracts are in my life from the moment I wake, to the moment I hit the pillow and have had such a profound and life changing impact on my life and those who I have helped and empowered along the way.

Life now is much more sacred and empowering and it makes me so happy to say that I have a deep sense of ease at all times knowing I am completely supported by Mama Earth.. in plant form + these divine plant extracts that go by the name of essential oils to amplify the vibrational magic we are so damn lucky to have!

My true mission here on earth is to inspire and educate as many souls that I can to live in this way. To live as close to nature as they can.

I know so well how empowered you will feel when you can heal and support yourself naturally and intuitively. I just love knowing and seeing us supporting and embracing our future, for not only ourselves, but our children yet to come into this world.

They won't be taught this in school, so it is up to us to live by example and empower them to live this way. Plants and especially Essential Oils allow us to tap into how we actually feel and to naturally heal and nurture this.

I sure know that I never ever want to bring my children into a world where they are given a drug to mask their headache, sore toe or the chemical ridden drink that will soothe their sore throats.
I want them to happily take themselves to the 'medicine cabinet' filled with these botanicals and for them to feel nurtured by what is going to help them heal in an instant. Because these botanicals do just that.. they nurture and ignite our whole body.
They are here to heal us.. from the inside out.

I cannot wait until mama earth is in every home and for absolutely every BODY to be living in a chemical free space away from toxins that are NOT healing us.. but killing us instead.
I know first hand how easy it is to incorporate essential oils into our everyday lives and support our emotional, physical and mental health.

Now, I am all about sharing them authentically and whole heartedly because I know the impact these can have on you and your family too and am SO, SO, SO honoured to be a part of that. I am so excited that WE get to be a part of this change and create this ripple effect for those yet to experience this world.

Please know that your small changes are making this difference ~ no small change goes unnoticed, we are all here to make these changes, for the better and if not for ourselves, then for our future generations and the generations after and generations after them. We can make this change and we can BE THE CHANGE.


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