Is it an honest answer or is it simply an excuse...?

I am hearing too often lately people answering with responses around money and I want to ask you this...

Is this an honest answer, or is this simply just an excuse?

I'm not happy... because I don't have money.

I can't spend time with my friends or loved one... because I can't afford to go out.

I don't want to put my health and well-being first... because I'm poor.

Is that the honest truth?

You really don't want to prioritize your health because you don't have the cash... yet you can find the money to spend on things like drugs and alcohol. Clothes. Betting. Then continue to complain about your health issues.

Can you honestly not spend quality time with your loved one because you "can't afford" to buy a meal? What happened to taking a walk on the beach. Or finding a spot under a hidden tree in a park to lay on the picnic rug and have soul to soul conversations? 

You can afford to spend the minutes being cooped up inside "depressed" because all of your focus is going into checking the account hour by hour hoping for things to appear? Yet you can't spent those minutes focusing on being grateful for what you DO have.

Enough is Enough! 

Does it feel good to complain about money? Does it make things easier by using money as the excuse or does it make you feel worse and the person you are saying it too feel like shit.. because you're simply lying to them.

I'll tell you the truth...

It's lame.

It's rude.

It's hurtful.

and its fucking annoying to hear!

Why not tell the truth? Why don't you want to say how you really feel?

How DO you feel after making this excuse?

Empowered? Authentic? Loved?

I wouldn't think so.

Why don't we get to the bottom of it and lead a response from the heart?

Why don't we feel we can be honest in return to the person asking something of us?

Why does money have to be the answer, to almost everything?

Does it feel better for you to answer with "I can't afford it" rather then "I don't honour your time any more"?

Does it feel better for you to answer with "We need more money to do something nice together" rather then "I am falling out of love with you"?

Does it feel better for you to answer with "I honestly don't have the funds to spend money on that" rather then "I'm not interested, thank you anyway"?

Change your vocabulary OR change the circumstance.

It's time to set yourself free of the negativity around the word 'money' and save that word for when its authentic.