Let's talk non-negotiables.

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Do you have them?

Do you know what they are?


I’ll be the first to admit, it wasn’t that long ago that I was fluffing my way through life, doing whatever I could to distract myself from taking the time or effort of focusing on what I truly needed. What my own system requires to succeed.

It wasn’t until I really began focusing on what made me feel at ease, what allowed my body to truly rest and realign, that I really began noticing a difference in the way my body patterns thrived.

Yes, fair enough you exercise. You read a book. You take an hour or two offline, possibly even a day here and there.

But is this enough?

Does your body thank you for these little measures?

Let’s begin asking ourselves, how did that make me feel?

That 24 hours offline.

That “once in a blue moon” bath time relax.

I sure know how I feel once I step out of that bath tub and into my robe and slippers after a tough day.

And I know that is the way I want to feel more often.

So how CAN we?

It all starts when we set ourselves up with boundaries, rituals and NON-NEGOTIABLES.

adjective: non-negotiable; adjective: nonnegotiable
— not open to discussion or modification.

My non-negotiables are things I pride myself on. They are what I KNOW helps me to reset, to thrive and truly allow my body the gifts it needs.

They are the small (or big) things that I do every single day, without hesitation.

Big or small, sometimes what can seem so minuscule, makes the world of difference - and that is me speaking from experience, trust me.

But please don’t think I don’t sometimes slip up and completely forget one or two every now and again.

I’m human too, right?!

So what are they, I hear you say?

Here are some of my daily non-negotiables;

  • 12 HOUR FLIGHT MODE: WHAAAAT - I take 12 hours every single day offline? You betcha!
    Turning my phone onto flight mode every single night not only allows my brain to unwire, but allows my body to get the rest it needs without consciously or sub-consciosusly being switched on and wondering what the world is doing, or what I “should” be doing next on my list.
    This also plays a massive role in our health by not sleeping next to a wireless modem messing with our brain and energy centre’s while we sleep. HELLO DEEP SLEEP!!

  • BEING AWARE: Yes, you may call me the OCD of awareness - but hey, I like to know what//who is around me and that doesn’t stop with that in my physical awareness either. Being aware of the energy that is around me and my family, allows me to better understand if something or someone is breaching it.
    So, I am constantly making sure I am aware of who is around us when we’re out and about, who is peaking into my social media platforms (yes, I am constantly keeping up to date with who is stalking my stories & I will find those hiding behind fake profiles and remove them stat!), who is over(or under)stepping “friendships” etc etc. No, this doesn’t make me a “need to know it all”, but simply allowing our energies to be protected and knowing who//what is in our fields when maybe they shouldn’t be.

  • TAKING THREE BREATHS: This one should go without saying, really. But when I feel tight, out of balance, unease - I simply sit (wherever I am; car, bed, park, toilet) and take three deep inhales and extra long exhales. This doesn’t only bring me back to my body, but allows my mind to reset and refocus so I can begin thinking straight again and not thinking with that overactive, anxious mind I was previously.
    If you’re not sure of how to take long, deep breaths to re-centre - check out this video by Dr. Andrew Weil. This is one of my favourite breath practices to return to when feeling any unease.

  • MAKING THE BED: This may seem like common sense, but hey - I used to be one of those that just thought “F**K it”. It wasn’t until I really felt how this small and simple daily task made such a huge impact in my daily mood, that I started putting more effort in.
    Isn’t it the most satisfying thing walking into your bedroom at night, to throw off the extra pillows, pull back the covers and slide on in? OHHH YES PLEASE!
    Now, when I say this, I don’t just mean throwing the duvet up and off ya go!! I mean taking the time to tuck the sheets in, fluff the pillows and straighten the throw. I’m talking… EFFORT! Effort really does go along way here and trust me when I say, you’ll thank me later.

  • APPRECIATING THOSE I LOVE: No, you don’t have to be a “people pleaser” to throw love around like confetti. Simply telling those you love that you appreciate and adore them is something that goes way beyond just wishing to please them, or please you. A simple “you’re doing amazing!” or “I love the way you mother” or “I really appreciate you!” can go so far.
    Don’t just think of how it will make them feel - but think about how it makes you feel saying it.

So what is something that you do every single day that makes you feel amazing?

Are you doing it consciously?

Or simply just “doing a thang, because, huh you gotta do, what you gotta do!”

Let’s begin putting a conscious effort into the small things every day and seeing how rewarded we feel for it - and if that means taking that bath every damn day - take that bath EVERY.DAMN.DAY, darling, because you deserve it!

Share in the comments below the one thing you’re going to begin taking on as a NON-NEGOTIABLE every day. X