Around here, there's no doubt that spring is still our favourite season of them all, because, well... it's definitely lived up too its hype this week, that's for sure!


So there we have it!!!

Can you get any better then this? I'm not sure you can!

Have you been contemplating Essential Oils and HOW you can get them into your life?

September is going NUTS and doTERRA have seriously stepped up their game in gifting us this month and to be quite honest.... I don't know WHY anyone would procrastinate getting these oils into their lives any more. I have experienced these gifts of the earth on a whole other level then I ever thought I would and am so proud to passionately share them with EVERY soul I can.

SO - for the month of September if you are ready to say YES and begin your oily journey with a Home Essential Kit which includes the ten oils I believe EVERY home should have [These ten oils support sleep, digestion, stress + anxiety, immune support, focus, cleaning, antibacterial, hormone balancing, cooking ++ much more]. This is how I began my journey with essential oils and one that I have not regretted ONE SINGLE BIT.

Here's the GOOD part.... This month you won't only receive the ten oils + a petal diffuser... you will receive a 5ml MANUKA Essential Oil ++ 15ml LITSEA Essential Oil FREE, which are two of doTERRA's newest oils and ones that have only recently been bought off limited addition!!!

~ Manuka Essential Oil : Promotes Relaxation // Cleanses Air // Clears and Smooths Skin

Manuka ::

Revered by the Maori for it's many invigorating properties, Manuka has been used for centuries in New Zealand for in plethora of health benefits. It has a rich, spicy, herbaceous fragrance that can relieve feelings of stress and promote feelings of relaxtion.

Use Manuka to ground & centre energies while shielding yourself in preparation for meditation.

Diffuse to help cleanse & freshen the air.

Applied topically Manuka promotes the appearance of smooth, healthy looking skin.

~ Litsea Essential Oil : Cleanses the home // Uplifts // Balances Emotions

Being native to East Asia. Litsea has a long history of traditional use by the indigenous people of Taiwan and has been widely distributed in Japan, Taiwan, Southern China & Southeastern Asia.

Litsea has many surface cleaning properties.

Diffuse to promote feelings of fresh energy & stimulation. Or during meditation for balance and inspiration.

Blends well with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Geranium, Vetiver & Fennel


PLUS, starting on the 1st October, I have a powerful 'Spirit Sisters' Immersion beginning, which is 4 weeks of all things Self-Belief, Emotions + Essential Oils, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Self-Development, Mindfulness, Journalling, Creativity ++ Much more... which I will be offering to everyone that joins my tribe with a Home Essentials Kit before 1 October 2017!!!!

If you are stuck, unmotivated, feeling disconnected from those around you.. or know that there is much more for you to GIVE... THIS Immersion is FOR YOU!!! ✨


*If you are already a Wellness Advocate in my tribe ~ you don't miss out!! Anyone that is in my tribe and places an LRP order of +200PV will also receive these invaluable offers 💛


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