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Essential Oils

What is an Essential Oil...

Essential Oils contain millions of organic molecules extracted directly from plants all around the globe, each being made up of components extracted from the particular plants root, branch, leaf, stem, fruit or flower.

I like to think of Essential Oils as that plants 'Immune System'.
These plants don't have bricks and mortar to protect themselves from harmful threats and parasites, so they are to rely purely on their own compounds to protect and uplift its health to stay alive.

These extracts in Essential Oil form are 50-70 times more powerful then herbs themselves, so think about the benefits that we in return get for uplifting and supporting our bodies immunity when we are gracefully extracting and using them for ourselves.

doTERRA Essential Oils are the purest oils you will find in the world, made using the naturally grown plants that are sourced and harvested in their natural habitat, for example: Peppermint is sourced from Washington USA, Frankincense from Somalia, Lavender from Bulgaria, Wintergreen and Spikenard from Nepal (TEARS!) and, Tea Tree + Eucalyptus right here from our amazing Australia.



But why doTERRA?

Every single doTERRA essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol.

Every single oil undergoes multiple testing to insist the presence of desired therapeutic qualities, as well as third party testing that guarantees the absence of toxins, contaminants and microorganisms and this level of purity of oils ensures no negative side effects or drug interactions.

doTERRA are working directly with the communities as part of their Co-Impact sourcing to gift and support these farmers by giving back to them and the people of their countries, what they may not have had the opportunity too ever before!

They work to organize growers into cooperatives, creating jobs and improving income. How special is that?

When they aren't doing the harvesting, they are empowering growers, families and communities in impoverished nations, forever more.

Not only are doTERRA providing fresh clean drinking water to those that go days without it - they are building shelters for the women working on providing these oils (like picking at Frankincense resin) and schools for those kids that have not had this opportunity before.
They are rebuilding communities in Nepal after the earthquakes and giving these people their lives back, tenfold.

They are saving young girls from slavery and sex-trafficking!!!

The list goes on.



Essential oils are some of natures purest and most effective medicines.
Think of it this way, when we aren't well we know to turn to that big juicy organic orange for its vitamin c, or to some garlic to enhance the immune system breakdown or to the twigs of oregano to add to every dish to fight that cold away.
What is the first thing to come to mind when you need to relax and calm that nervous system while in overdrive?
For me, Lavender.

The oils are used for exactly this, yet in an even more powerful form.
To cleanse the liver and kick-start the metabolism, we can drop one drop of lemon essential oil into our warm water that is the rind of approximately 50 lemons, WOW!
Or when we have an upset tummy, or we've eaten too much at family dinner.. what do we like to turn too? A nice warm peppermint tea!
Just one drop of doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil is equivalent to 28 CUPS of peppermint tea!!

I know, incredible isn't it!!!


Essential Oils don't replace traditional medication, however they provide a natural alternative to commonly used medicine.

I know that choosing to use essential oils, they will provide me with;

100's of natural compounds that have many health and healing properties
The ability to treat a problem, rather then masking the symptom's with a band-aid
No side effects vs known or unknown side effects and possible addictions
Safe for the WHOLE family and household

Plants not only support the immunity of our bodies, but have many useful benefits for the whole household. Plants produce the essential oils that fight household threats such as mold, fungus, airborne viruses and all building bacteria's.
Essential oils penetrate the cell membrane and eliminate these threats.

In whole, they help you take control of your health, naturally.

These pure essential oils have assisted me through some of my hardest times.
From feeling so lost within my self and this world, to combating hard family ties, grief of loosing some of our most loved, as well as supporting me through the roller coaster of emotions of wedding planning and getting down the aisle in one PEACE.
Most recently, they have made a magical impact within my journey of self development, allowing me to connect to my feminine, combat feelings of stress and anxiety and bring an ease to honoring my body in a loving way. 
I have witnessed first hand them support women around me through breakups, self-doubt and connecting with their inner divine, as well as supporting US to CONNECT together as one sacred sisterhood.

These beautiful oils act truly on another level of support.

Essential Oils will connect you with your heart, your soul and mother nature.
Mother Nature provides us with the resources to heal our bodies and our minds naturally.
Plants have the ability to improve and maintain our good health and well-being without the use of harmful chemicals, making it friendly to use on our bodies and in our environments.

These oils will awaken you to your inward journey like nothing else.
They support and encourage our alignment and radiance on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically
Assisting us through the 5 stages of healing;
▷ Healing the physical body
▷ Healing the heart
▷ Releasing limiting beliefs
▷ Increasing awareness and spiritual connection
▷ Inspiring us to fulfill our life’s purpose.

It’s a no-brainer that these powerful Mother Earth miracles are here to support you on your transformation journey and it’s an absolute honour to connect you with them.

Allow them to support you on your journey of growth and self development, while also assisting you combat your mood management, immune boosting, hormone balancing and chemical detox.

I can promise, you won't look back.


How can Essential Oils be used?

Aromatically – Aromatically allowing your oils to benefit you can be done in a variety of different ways including diffusing, directly inhaling, or add to hot water bath to experience the aromatic benefits of essential oils throughout your whole body.

Topically – It is highly recommended that essential oils be diluted with a carrier oil before being placed onto the skin.  This not only allows the oil to be carried into the skin further and quicker, but allows less to be used over a wider use. Topically can include an aromatic massage, adding to the soles of your feet to increase your immunity or onto your temples to relieve your head tension.

Internally – Some doTERRA Essential Oils may be taken internally, within cooking, in beverages, or in vegie capsules plus more. Oils not to be taken internally are listed on label.