All recipes found here are plant based and are all inspired by flavours that favour my palette
and have been created by varying dishes to match our taste buds.

I hope you receive as much love to the stomach as we do when making these dishes, but please feel free to switch things up and alter them to suit you.
I'd love to hear how you like them! X

Recipe - Lemon Bliss Balls Cover.jpg

Lemon Bliss Balls

Think lemon cheesecake - but not. Full of nothing nasty, but everything good.

Using Lemon Essential Oil instead of fresh lemon allows for additional nutrition benefits, without the acidity from lemon juice. Win, Win!

Recipe - Chickpea Curry Cover.jpg

Chickpea Curry

One of the favourite dishes in our household and on the menu at-least once a week in the cooler months.

This one includes oils such as Black Pepper, Lemongrass & Lime + sometimes a dash of oregano for that extra hit of immune boosting.

Recipe - Kale + Mango Salad Cover.jpg

Kale & Mango Salad w. Coconut Lime Dressing

When I think of Summer - I think of fresh nourishing plates filled with plant produce. This Kale & Mango Salad was everything and more. This will be a staple on our menu throughout the summer months!!!

Kale is an incredible source of Vitamins A, C + K as well as aiding in our digestion and immunity. while decreasing inflammation.

Recipe - Warm Cacao Cover.jpg

Warm Cacao.

Due to it's longevity benefits, cacao can cut our risk of heart disease in half by incorporating it into our daily diets over time.

Cacao is known to be one of the most beneficial superfoods available to us, being an amazing source of antioxidants, iron, copper and manganese to name a few.

Recipe - OnGuard Apples Cover.jpg

On Guard Apples

Paired with the nutritional benefits of organic apples - this Immune Boosting blend of essential oils makes an amazing healthy snack for you, OR the kids instead of sugar filled treats any time of day.
Perfect for lunchboxes - no more brown soggy apples!

Recipe - Beetroot Hummus Cover.jpg

Beetroot Hummus

I've added + changed up a few ingredients in my simple hummus recipe for beetroot, as Beetroots are an excellent source of folic acid and fibre and good source of manganese and potassium & Vitamin C.

Pair with veggie sticks + crackers or even pop into wraps for lunches.

Recipe - Creamy Thyme Pasta Cover.jpg

'Creamy' Thyme Pasta

Thyme essential oil adds a nice spice flavour to this dish, while also allowing the support for a healthy immune system.

Pair with some homemade garlic bread on sourdough - This nourishing plant infused pasta will have everyone's taste buds drooling.

Recipe - Hummus Three Ways Cover.jpg

Hummus Three ways

In addition to chickpeas which provide us with an excellent source of fibre and folate and a great source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus and protein - I include essential oils such as Lemon, Lime and Cumin in these three dips for many different reasons including; enhancing flavour, cleansing the body, detoxifying, aiding digestion, supporting healthy immune function and lifting the mood.

Recipe - Simple Green Smoothie Cover.jpg

Simple Green Smoothie

Breakfast - Morning Tea - Lunch

A smoothie that is going to energize and satisfy you at any time of day. Greens paired with uplifting, vitamin boosting herbs and essential oils - perfect combination.

Recipe - Marinated Tofu Cover.jpg

Marinated Tofu

Living a plant based life, Tofu is definitely a staple in any home.
Tofu provides us with an excellent source of protein, calcium and iron and can replace all forms of animal protein in many dishes.

Marinating with a home made marinate, you ensure you're dish remains natural and away from artificial sweeteners.

Recipe - Guacamole Cover.jpg


Did someone say Guaccccc?
This one is for those who just HAVE to have avocado on anything and everything!!!

Avocados are a powerful benefit to our heart heart, whilst lowering cholesterol and improving our skin health. A great addition to grazing plates or adding to things like nachos and wraps.

Recipe - Plant Based Tacos Cover.jpg

Plant Based Tacos

Who doesn't love a good taco?

Being plant based doesn't have to mean you need to miss out on traditional dishes like this. Anything can be made plant based and we have found that plant based mince has been an amazing source of iron, as well as tasting delicious!

Recipe - Simple Hummus Cover.jpg

Divine Hummus

Traditionally a middle eastern dish served at almost every meal, hummus.. doesn't have its reputation for nothing. Why pay $5+ a tub when you can make your own at home in a minute flat.

Recipe - Roast Pumpkin Hummus Cover.jpg

Roast Pumpkin Hummus

Hummus is one of the most versatile snacks to experiment with and here with a pumpkin twist!!!

Pumpkin is full of Antioxidants and Vitamin A - perfect for our skin and immunity. Plus for an additional tip - roast the pumpkin seeds with salt + chilli powder and add when serving for extra Magnesium, Iron, Protein + Zinc

Recipe - Potato Nachos Cover.jpg

Potato Nachos

Oh glorious plant POWER.

This is a super healthy and nourishing twist to regular nachos, which is oh so satisfying any time of day or year.

Full of Vitamin C, A + K, Fibre, Folate, Healthy Fats + Carbohydrates.