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I’m Jenna;;
A dreamer - A believer - A lover

I am someone who prides herself on living her passions and allowing this to shine through everyone I meet.

Someone who loves to share and connect the world with all that mother earth has gifted us.

The gifts of the earth that we sometimes look over the fence searching for
but are right under our nose every single day.

I am here on a Mission;
to Lead by Example and Inspire
as many people as I can along the way.

My journey has been one far from a straight road.

Coming from an unhealthy and somewhat unusual childhood of moving houses, schools and even states.
A childhood that not only lacked a father, but solid friendships.
I wasn’t taught that self-loving was important, but pleasing everyone else was.

It was in my early twenties that I woke up to this and knew there was more to life.

It seemed like a long road to the end to recover what this body was designed for,
a journey that is constantly evolving;; the end of the road is near.

I am home.

My conscious, health loving journey started once I woke up and removed myself
from the toxic life I was living.

I was ready and that's when I dove in.

This journey had to begin with the elimination process first..

Eliminating not only the foods that weren't agreeing with my body and covered with synthetic chemicals.
It was the negative 'friendships' that weren't empowering to any soul.
The soul sucking corporate job I was putting my whole being towards, that I resented everyday.

That’s when I realized;
I had to start loving myself, before I could love anyone else and more importantly.. before anyone else could love me.

All while having my beautiful husband (then boyfriend) by my side each step of the way,
allowing me to find those feet I had to plant on the earth.
And that, I have.

With a passion for mother earth, plants and all things natural in this wide world,
my journey seems so much closer to contentment.

I woke up and realized that we often look past the avenues that are right here for us,
the valleys right here in our backyards.
The plants we can so easily grow from a seedling to a mature and healthy loving vegetable.
The abundance that is going to nourish not only our bellies, but our souls too.

They are here to make our tummies happy and our souls shine like sunlight.


By all means, my journey has not been a quick and easy 'transformation'.
This is a lifestyle that I love embracing and one I know;
doesn't happen over night.



It’s the small steps that do and that is all it takes.

Every day is a new day and that means;
a new opportunity to make another small change
to the life I had once dreamed of,
the body I want to be proud of,
the friendships that are nurturing to my soul,
and in return...

I found the person I loved to SHINE.

My mission now is to educate and inspire
as many beautiful humans as I can.
To allow them to create the healthy life they have always thought to be too hard.
To empower men and women to live the lives they have always dreamed of.
To show you that it is possible.
It is so easy and
it is already done,
you just have to say yes!


fear is not the opposite of love -
fear is your compass showing you where to go

So now, its my time to shine,
while helping you to do the same!

I'm here to help heal others;
while continuing to heal myself in the process.

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"My success is an inspiration to others"

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