Hi soul seeker, I’m Jenna

A Photographer, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wife + Mama
I’m on a mission to bring creativity + mindfulness to the world in a new + holistic way

Who am I?

I’m a dreamer - a believer - a whole hearted lover

I am someone who prides herself on living her passions and allowing this to shine through

Someone who LOVES to share

and loves to EMPOWER others.

I thrive on connecting with like minded souls

But more importantly; bringing them together.

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If you don’t see me behind the camera, you will find me;

△ Playing and giggling with my princess

△ Floating in and out of the sea

△ Wandering through the tree covered tracks

△ In a bath surrounded by candles

△ Dazed out, rearranging the shelves in the house

△ Eating my weight in corn chips + hummus, veggie pizza or dark chocolate

△ Thoroughly enjoying a glass of organic red

I grew up living in many different places around west & south australia, before we as a family settled into the south western beach side town of Busselton and here is where my passion for imagery began.

I spent my last three schooling years diving into photography both manually and digitally, but it was when my independent soul made the move to the city at 18 to further my studies in photo imaging that my real love and passion for photography came in.

You’d see me spending every spare minute with my camera in hand, shooting friend after friend, editing or exploring my creativity in the darkroom.

To say I was smitten, would be an understatement.

But it was something I never though I’d have the confidence in to take from a hobby to my life dream…


30 minutes north of Perth is where I have created my little life with my darling husband Nathan, our baby girl Ember Rose & fur babies Eli & Knox.

Being huge lovers of the ocean and everything nature; if we're not plotting around in our little abode, we are somewhere by the water enjoying the freshest of air and paddling in these pristine West Australian beaches, camera in hand.

Photography took my heart whilst studying it back in high school 12 years ago.

It is that passion that lights up my creatively driven mind,

where I often find myself in a daze dreaming up the memories we are yet to make.

I now get to live my passion of photography, while empowering souls just like you to pursue your creativity in a simple and mindful way.

My aim is to capture real connection, in all its candid spontaneity.

I can’t wait to capture your true essence, whether that is through personal portraiture, business branding, capturing your divine life events, or coaching you through how to do this too.

x Jenna.

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Contact me..

If you too are looking for your creative spark, yet wish to in a mindful and loving way, I want to help you.

I want to support you while you move towards your dream + guide you to realise that your creativity cannot wait a second longer!

Are you ready?

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