Opal Imagery

by Jenna Duxbury

Another passion that lights up my soul...

Walking barefoot on the earth while getting to connect with beautiful souls? Yes please!

One thing you will need to know about me is that I LOVE to take photos and one way i LOVE doing so, is wandering through nature, laughing and capturing individuals, couples or families in their most natural form.

So let's go and get lost.

Do you have a passion that you are building a website for?

Lets show everyone who you REALLY are. This is who they will most likely connect with before actually meeting in the flesh.. Lets show them her first.

Do you want to show the world how much LOVE you have for your husband?

It doesn't have to be your wedding day to show this off to the world. Let go of your phone and lets go and wander until the sun goes down before you settle into a gorgeous date night, just the two of you.

You're welcoming a new babe to this earth?

Lets capture each step of the journey. Maternity, birth, a few days new, first birthday cake smashing, all the way through to their twenty first birthday. These are memories you will want to keep forever more.

Come and CONNECT with nature, with yourself or your most prized possession, your wife. I want to capture this and show the world how beautiful you people are.

Would you like to see some of my creative work?

You have been viewing it throughout the website. That's right, all imagery displayed here is taken by me.

I love displaying my work and I love seeing my work displayed.

So if you would love to see some of this style carry through on your website and really highlight who YOU ARE, then let's create this together. Let's go and get lost and let's allow this to come to life for YOU too.

a boho soirée-13.jpg