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Opening your HEART + SOUL with essential oils xo.

  • Ridgewood Western Australia (map)

Whether you know it or not, you are a DIVINE BEING!

You have an infinite capacity to create MAGIC in this lifetime.

But do you know what?

Your ability to create the life you want is NOT proportionate to the ability to work hard.

You do not need to bust your ass to "make things happen".

There is another way. There is another LIGHT.

I invite you to come and join us as we learn "another way".

Come and discover how to use your INNER FEMININE POWER to create what you want in the world. Remind yourself that SELF-CARE is the foundation of your success and that SELF-LOVE is the most powerful tool you have in creating the life you desire.

Through the combination of a sacred space, healing tools and essential oils you'll leave our presence feeling deeply connected to your POWER & TRUSTING of yourself!

I will be running through the best essential oils to use to easily creating a conscious life through the changes to non-toxic living; your best self~love healing oils and how to incorporate them into your everyday; how essential oils can work positively with your emotional, digestive, nervous and immune systems to create a brighter YOU.

We will be discovering the emotional side behind the divine gifts of the earth we get to experience in essential oils, while learning how to create your very own anchor into the life you desire.

This is going to be an intimate evening and I recommend wearing something comfortable as we will be sitting in circle on the ground.

Vegan treats & teas infused with essentail oils will be included.

Unfortunately as space will be limited, this evening is only open to those new to doTERRA Essential Oils or already within our direct community.

Please register here to reserve your spot ~ address will be emailed out 24 hours before our event.

Love + Light,

Jen Xo.

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