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Women's Circles

..to let go and connect with the divine..

What is a women's circle?

A women's circle is when a sacred gathering of women come together in circle. To create connection, explore transformation and share empowerment by allowing women the time and space to tune into their deep and wise inner knowing. To connect and share within themselves, as well as each other.

For centuries women have been gathering in circles to have the power to transform the world—woman by woman, circle by circle. Within these circles, women find themselves, allow the space to find each other and to honor the divine.

Share authentic conversations that flow so freely. Be guided by the wisdom of women that have come to share in circle with you. That have also pushed their fear to the side and come as one to find the connection they have so lovingly looked for within other sisters.

What is involved?

Each circle is similar, yet so different. The utmost loving intentions are pored into each circle and each and every detail is set up with the most precious of energies.

You will step into the circle feeling an instant ease. You will breathe in the scent of calming and grounding aroma's of an intuitively chosen blend of essential oils. While exploring yourself, you will be guided by a light meditation to allow you to truly drop into yourself, while being open to connect with the other beautiful women in the room.

We will hold space for each other as we share our stories and how we have come about to end up right here in this divine space of circle with these new special sisters, that may just end up being your new best friends that you've been searching for.

Essential oils will surround you and will guide you as you connect into yourself by each inhale and release with every exhale. I will guide you through how essential oils support the stages of healing; for example, healing the physical body, assisting while healing the heart, letting go and releasing limiting self beliefs, increasing your spiritual awareness and connection and instilling inspiration and fulfillment of our precious life's purpose. All in return, allowing you to live in true alignment with yourself and those you choose to surround yourself with.

Each lady will have the opportunity to be guided by their own intuition in creating their own special blend to support them in their journey forever forward. This may be a blend to remind you that the body you have been gifted with is your temple and a beautiful temple at that. A scent to anchor you into the most divine practice of mediation and remind you of the purpose you are here living. This blend will guide you as you transform into the divine women you are, whilst reminding you of this special time you connected in circle.

You will leave with the feeling of a goddess. You will feel supported, guided and completely at peace.

I promise you.

Each circle will be tailored to your specific desires and how you would like the circle to be conducted.

Think crystals, oils, incense, angel cards, palo santo, singing bowls, white sage.. you may want one or you may want them all. It is entirely up to you, the host.

So reach out and let's get this magical night planned for you and your divine sisters.

Well last night was rather magical! Thank you @theopalheart for sharing these beauties with us.
— Zoe, Butler WA

Girl, thank you so much for an amazing night. I’ve had a really rough week of emotions and it gave me comfort and reassurance in learning about the oils and what they could do for me, and that you girls are here too.”
— Diana, Perth WA

I am so in love with the highs I feel when I surround myself with like minded souls. Thank you @theopalheart for opening your home to us last night for a magical night of essential oils and vegan treats. Your vibe attracts your tribe and that is definitely something to be grateful for.
— Cathy, Perth WA

Thank you to @theopalheart for welcoming us into her home for a beautiful essential oils circle tonight. There are some incredible women doing incredible things in this world and I’m truly grateful to be a part of this shift!
— Jess, Perth WA

Thank you so much for teaching! Everyone said how much they loved your gentleness and passion about the oils xxx can’t wait until the next one!
— Hayley, Willetton WA

Keep on your pathway, as you will go places with it. You tick all the boxes. It was lovely meeting you.
— Coral, Argyle WA